I tried cooking using actually using cutting board "Mocubo" with drawer how convenient it is

By attaching a drawer function to the chopping board, it was possible to cook efficiently even in a small kitchen "Mocubo". Furthermore, it was designed to be able to be put in the drawer part just by sliding vegetables cut with kitchen knife and it seems convenient, so we decided to actually use it.

Quirky - Mocubo

I was sent in this package.

The material is made of bamboo and treated with mineral oil.

Open the box and check the contents.

The size is width 40.64 cm × depth 27.94 cm × height 4.445 cm.

From the pattern on the surface, I was worried about "Do you have a step?", But when you touch it you do not have to worry about getting knives caught on a smooth surface.

Rubber is attached to the back side, making it less slippery.

Three drawers are included.

The part of the handle of the drawer is bent slightly, so it is easy to draw out.

Try it out like this.

Put the drawer on the side of the chopping board and use it.

Because of the step between cutting board and drawer, cut vegetables are easy to put in.

It is not only on the side, it is also possible to place a drawer on the top of the chopping board.

So you can take full advantage of the three drawers like this.

Moreover, it does not fall even if it lifts like this, it is also possible to carry vegetables in the drawer.

So, I decided to cut vegetables immediately.

I tried using vegetables cut using Mocubo in a drawer - YouTube

About 1 piece of onion is included in the drawer.

When drawers are stored in the cutting board, it is like this.

You can use the place efficiently even in a small kitchen because you can quickly withdraw what you need when you need it.

"The vegetables and meat used during article creation was delicious after the staff later," first stir-fry meat ......

As soon as greasy bleeds out, cut the Momoya's chopped garlic to smolder.

When the flesh comes through the fire, open the drawer with the green peppers next ... ...


Further onions ...

I add.

I will let the fire through the whole tool firmly.

Finally, we taste with soy sauce ......


The fragrance of garlic and soy sauce is cooked firmly and is delicious. Behaviors are important, but using "Mocubo" does not take the trouble of placing the cut vegetables in the dish, and furthermore because you can use the place efficiently, it will be quite extensive.

In addition, it is ok if you leave the remaining ingredients in the drawer and put them in the refrigerator with wrapping etc from above.

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