Fashionable and slim wall-mounted toaster "Slim Toaster"

In the toaster there are two types of pop-up type baking bread in the slit in the upper part of the appliance and oven type with sliding door in front and cookable besides bread, but as the third kind of toaster "bread from the top I put the baked toast from below, "a wall-mounted toaster of the type was designed.

Muzaffer ayca

This is "Slim Toaster".

The inside is like a pop-up type toaster. The body material uses ABS resin.

Usage is like this. When removing the yellow tongue attached to the main unit, the switch will appear from underneath, so switch on and insert bread. As the baked toast comes out from the bottom, it is shaped like a pinch with a tongue taken out.

The appearance which can not be seen for a moment to the toaster.

As breadcrumbs collect in the saucer, cleaning may be easy.

As a design proposal like this, it seems that it was not thought as a wall hanging formula from the beginning.

Since we can cook only toast as well as pop-up toaster, unless we are home to eat toast every morning, even if slim, it seems to get in the way.

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