The only white plate like a large dish "table grill pure" is amazing was not just design

Although many are black steel plates, many people use a white ceramic plate, looks like a big plate like a fancy design is "Table grill pure"is. Anyway, the design is a hot plate with an eye-catching design, but it is possible to baked ingredients juicy with the far infrared effect, because cleaning is only lightly wiped with kitchen paper, so when we actually purchased and used it I realized that it was awesome.


The table grill pure package looks something like this.

In the box there were grill plates and pedestals, oil trays, temperature adjustment plugs and six spatulas.

The base is made of bamboo. First place the oil plate in the center of the pedestal.

Then put the grill plate on top of it. The grill plate is characterized by slender holes in the middle.

If you look at the grill plate from the side, you can see that the plate draws a gentle curve towards the middle. For this reason, the oil from the meat falls into the oil plate below the hole at the center of the plate.

Insert the thermal rod insertion port into the fixed position of the base ...

Then plug the temperature adjustment plug into the socket and connect the plug to the outlet, OK.

The table grill pure can adjust the temperature up to 250 degrees, but there is no detailed temperature indication in the dial, it is stepless adjustment of only the letters "Max" "Mid" "Min".

That is why I tried setting one person to have a home party.

Prepare meat, fish, vegetables etc for the material.

Before using for the first time, polishing the surface of the heated grill plate with kitchen paper impregnated with about 1 tablespoon vegetable oil is effective for maintaining quality.

So, first I will polish with kyukyu.

Although it was that the temperature lamp turned on when turning the dial and heating began, wait and wait none of the temperature lamp lights up.

I felt "Is it broken?", I tried darkening the room ......

Although it was hard to check the lighting of the lamp a little in a bright place, I understood that it was lit properly. Because the thermostat stops when it gets higher than the set temperature, the lamp that lights up only during heating is said to turn on and off repeatedly while baking ingredients.

Infrared thermography of table grill pure when heatedFLIR i3I took a picture with this, it looks like this. There seems to be a heating wire inside the main body in a form that draws an ellipse. In addition, table grill pure has a very high thermal conductivity, so we can burn enough food at medium and low temperature (Min to Mid). Rather, if it is set to high temperature, the ingredients will scorch, so this time when I set it to "Mid", the temperature rose to 187 degrees in about 1 minute.

It looks like a hot plate, but can you really burn it? So, I tried putting the lamb meat on a heated plate.

I tried grilling the meat with a hotplate like tabletop "table grill pure" - YouTube

Just brushing with the kitchen paper lightly soaked with olive oil, I have hardly drawn any oil, but instead of sticking meat was slippery on the plate.

"Table grill pure" where meat does not stick at all - YouTube

Place the vegetables etc on the plate and bake it gradually.

Jujuu and grease comes out of the meat and you can see that it flows toward the center of the plate.

So I will actually eat the grilled ingredients.

The surface of meat is moderately baked.

When eating, juni and juice spreads in the mouth. Tracing the memory when I grilled the meat on a hot plate in the past, the surface should be crispy with crispy, while the inside was baked too much, but the meat baked with table grill pure has a moderately soft surface, The inside is very juicy. This is because the table grill pure draws the flavor of the ingredients with the far infrared effect.

Pumpkin which is difficult to pass by fire is also smoldering.

Sausage is also juicy. Again, it was impressive that the surface was not too hard and plump.

After grilling the meat table grill Pure looks something like this.

Pretty dirt is conspicuous, but ...

Because it is a slick ceramic material on the surface, it is possible to get dirty with a washer with a wet cloth width or kitchen paper even if it does not wash off with detergent and sponge. It feels quite messy as it gets dirty as if it were like the CM of a mail-order show.

I just cleaned off the stain with kitchen paper on the right side.

Just lightly wipe it back to the beauty like unused.

However, since table grill pure has no edge part, fat was scattered considerably when burning meat. Be careful when using favorite tablecloth etc.

Because the lamb meat was burned too juicy, I thought "Would you rather have meat?", I also tried baking fish and beef.

It is OK even if you turn the meat with the attached spatula.

Is it almost time? I tried moving beef and fish to a dish.

The fish has moderate grill, but it is not becoming too burning.

When I try to eat, I feel surprised the texture is fluffy. If you bake fish with a frying pan or the like, the surface may be too burnt and inside may be Pasapasa, but it was finished very well, despite not doing anything.

Beef is also medium rare and juicy.

After grilling the beef a lot of stuck on the plate ... ....

When wiping with kitchen paper with a little effort, polo-polo was burned off. At this time, the force is OK even if it is not so strong. It is really small compared to the power when burning a frying pan with bobbins.

When I pulled the grill plate, oil was falling a little in the oil tray.

Talking about "hot plate!", I will try pancake this time.

First make seeds ......

I will place seeds on a hot plate warmed between "Mid" and "Min". There was a little slope on the plate, but when the fabric was dropped to a place opened a certain distance from the hole, the fabric did not run down from the hole.

I have not drawn any oil, but the fabric does not stick to the plate at all. Insert the attached spatula under the fabric and easily turn over it.

The appearance of turning pancake from the following movie.

I baked a hot cake with "Table Grill Pure" - YouTube

If both sides can be burned with good feeling ......

Snack time.

Again, the surface was overwhelmingly moist than normal when baked in a frying pan or hot plate, the inside was fluffy.

So, even though you leave it on the table with a stylish look like a hot plate, natural table grill pure is too big for living alone, as the finish of cooking goes quite well, but the family If it is, it seems to be useful. Looking at Amazon reviews, ordinary hot plates are only given at the time of making roast meat and okonomiyaki, but in the case of table grill pure, some people say that they are using it to keep it out and warm a little snack by myself did. It is neck that you can not bake a steak without a lid, but when you make breakfast French toast and fried eggs / bacon etc, always put out a frying pan and wash it then wash it ... and clean up the troublesome place with a single wipe It seems very convenient to complete.

In addition, table grill pure is 21,000 yen including tax with Amazon ... ... Table Grill Pure / Table Grill Pure: Home & amp; Kitchen

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