I tried using the vacuum cooker "Anova Precision Cooker" that pushes the button and leaves it alone to complete the finest dish

The fourth recipe following "baking" "steaming" "boiling" was developed in France as cooking at low temperature does not destroy nutrients sensitive to heat, if it is meat it will be finished softlyVacuum cooking method. I made it easy to do such vacuum cooking at home as "Anova Precision Cookers"is. I tried to use Anova Precision Cookers which manages temperature and time just by pushing a button and makes the best cooking without permission.

Anova Culinary | Sous Vide Immersion Circulators and Precision Cookers by Anova

Anova Precision Cookers arrived in elongated tubular package.

How long is a gadget? Thinking it out, it contained two parts as follows.

This is about the whole length compared with iPhone 6 Plus.

The body is self-sustainable.

A line written as "MAX" in the metal part ... ...

There is a line written as "MIN", and if you put Anova Precision Cookers in a pot, pour water into the range of this line is OK.

Touch panel on the top.

There was a wheel under the touch panel.

What was the other part I had was to attach it to the main body and fix it to the pot.

So, plug the plug into the outlet, put the body in the pot ......

While adjusting the amount of water so as not to get out between the line and line, pour it.

As you turn the switch on automatically when you put the plug into an outlet, first set the temperature with the wheel. The temperature can be switched between Mr. Se and Mr. Ka.

Press and hold the start / stop button for 8 seconds ...

Press and hold the timer icon for 3 seconds to switch to the time setting screen.

If the cooking time is fixed, turn the wheel again and set the time OK.

Finally start cooking by pressing start / stop button.

Water in the middle warmed slowly and the water surface began to shake. There is little operating noise during cooking, it is quiet enough to use it in the apartment room at midnight.

Anova Precision Cookers can be used as preparations for authentic cuisine, as well as making easy-to-serve dishes such as zip rock by putting the ingredients in food storage bags, leaving them in a pot and completing them. That's why I started challenging from the handy version first.Recipes are also available on Anova's cooking siteSo it seems easy1 item using cod and lemonPrepare one olive oil · pepper · kosher salt · lemon to make it.

Firstly peel the lemon ... ...

I will squeeze the fruit juice.

If you insert two pieces of olive oil · lemon juice · lemon peel · cod in zip rock ... ...

Close the ziplock chuck and use the straw to suck out the air inside.

If you can seal it like this is OK.

Follow the recipe and throw in a sealed bag in hot water that had been preheated at 132 degrees C (55 degrees C). from hereDownload guidebookAccording to my opinion, although the head may come out from the hot ingredients, it is not problematic.

After setting it as Mr. Ka 132 degrees · Timer 30 minutes in the previous procedure, click on the start button.

It is OK if I leave it until the timer sounds. Since troublesome things such as adjustment of fire reduction are unnecessary at all, if you do other things or break during this time one product will be completed without permission for yourself, for disadvantaged people and disadvantaged people It is very convenient. Also, since it does not use the stove's fire, safe and efficient cooking is possible.

Raise the zip lock when the timer rings.

Complete the rest if you arrange the flavor in the dish and salt and pepper.

It looks like a white fish like Muniel, but the texture is soft and fluffy anyhow, and it differs from what is cooked by "cook" "boil" "boil" "boil". When the inside of the head is accustomed to grilled fish and boiled fish, still raw? Although it is so soft that it thinks for a moment, it is not raw, but this is a finish that can only be said to be unique to vacuum cooking. If it is Muniel, there is contrast with crisp texture and softness of body, but there is no feeling of pearls at all, so there was an opinion saying, "It is delicious this, but I want to make grilling quickly." Also, because cooking at low temperatures in the bag, flavor and extract did not escape, the fish flavor became considerably fairly though it is a white fish which should be light and tasteless. Because the quality of ingredients affects moro on the taste, using good ingredients seems to be completed just by leaving almost perfect cuisine.

I just tried authentic cuisine by simply leaving one item completed just by leaving it alone. Since each recipe has an evaluation column, even among several recipesHigh evaluation, American famous chefMing TsaiLet's try meat dish recipe. As for the material, fillet, salt, pepper, salt-free butter, garlic, ashiki · dijon mustard etc.

First let's heat the Anova Precision Cookers at 138 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Celsius).

In a zip rock put a large amount of butter and sliced ​​garlic and pepper.

I will put meat there.

If you make butter and garlic evenly to the meat, seal it tightly into the hot water. If you heat it like this for about 30 minutes, you will be able to bake the medium rare steak without damaging the meat juice.

After 30 minutes, remove meat to a plate and let it rest for a while.

Looking at the cross section of the meat, it seems to be still raw.

And I will burn this as a further finish. First of all, a canola oil is drawn in a frying pan and it is heated with a high heat until a little smoke comes out.

When smoke comes in, put the meat, heat one side for 1 minute, turn over and heat the other side for 1 minute or more.

Once you give the meat to the dish, let it rest for 2-3 minutes.

In the same pan that burned meat, put the garlic that was in Zip rock earlier.

After heating for 30 seconds at low heat, put a cup of wine and skip alcohol.

After the alcohol flew, continued with the glass fiber ......

I introduced Dijon mustard.

Stir well and when the amount of sauce is reduced to about half of the initial amount, put the butter in finish and finish the sauce.

Put the sauce with chopped sauce and meat on your meat is complete.

When cutting the meat, the inside is a beautiful pink color. It is supposed to be a delicious steak even if baked as it is because it uses fillets for steak, but it is much softer and juicy than roast beef, "Although it is in extremely rare condition, the fire is securely going through It is finished in the best condition that it is nothing but also good. The sauce also felt the sourness of the Dijon mustard and the taste of the wine, making it fully utilizing the umami without losing the strong taste of the meat. Anyway, in the editorial department, other than the impression that it is "deliciously good", it does not go up, and there is an opinion that even if it is incorporated in the course, it will not become strange even if it becomes 10,000 or 20,000.

There were desserts and cocktails in the recipe, so at the end it was in dessertPoached AppleI will try to make it. Apples · cinnamon stick · cloves · vanilla beans · lemon · sugar · apple cider etc. are prepared.

First peel the apple, peel the lemon peel and squeeze the fruit juice.

After adding the whole apple, lemon juice, lemon peel, sugar, cinnamon stick, cloves, vanilla beans etc. to zip rock ......

Finally fill the inside of the bag with apple cider and seal it.

Afterwards it is OK if you warm up for 1 hour at Mr. Ka 175 degrees (80 degrees C).

After 1 hour, remove the ziploc from the pot and put the juice in a frying pan.

Make caramel by skipping moisture.

If it feels like this is ok.

Cut the apple taken out in half ... ...

I will take a stick.

When eating it as it is, the sweet scent of vanilla beans, cloves, cinnamon is firmly attached, and I feel a slight irritation of apple cider a little. Even chopsticks are so soft that they can cut easily, between texture and compote is texture.

Since lemon juice enters into a strong acidic finish, try eating it with vanilla ice and warm caramel on the warm apples.

The sweetness of the caramel and vanilla ice cream, the sourness of the apple were well-balanced and felt as a fancy dessert. Even though I think about it, it is surprising to say that I do not do almost anything though it is a taste that I have spared time and effort.

Also, since the cooked pots and Anova Precision Cookers are not soiled, it is also a good place to say that cleaning is easy to clean up just by throwing away hot water and zip rock.

In addition, Anova Precision Cookers is $ 179 (about 20,000 yen), and if shipping to Japan is required, a shipping fee of $ 69.99 (about 8200 yen) is required separately.

Anova Culinary | Anova Precision Cooker

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A vacuum cooker "Anova Precision Cooker" completed by simply pressing a button of a restaurant-class dish was linked with the application, so I tried making beef fillet carapaccio etc - GIGAZINE

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