What happens to meat when you bake a steak on a salt mass of 2 cm thick "rock salt plate"? I tried it.

She says that delicious dishes will be prepared simply by placing meat, fish, vegetables etc. not having seasoned anythingRock salt plate"Healthy because rock salt absorbs excessive fat of meat", "High quality minerals melt out of rock salt", "Burn ingredients with far-red effect"It is saidShivers. Outdoor manufacturers in Japan tooLOGOSI sell a rock salt plate of 13 x 7 x 1 cm, but I found a rock salt plate importing large size of 19.5 x 19.5 x 2 cm, so I actually tried using it.

Why did you decide to bake your meat on a rock salt plate suddenly because you saw a rock salt plate that is displayed all along at Costco.Himalayan pink saltThere was an expensive image, but it is 1.7 kg when it is a plate, 2280 yen with herb spice. This is not to buy! So I bought it immediately.

"Himalaya rock salt cooking plate" which this purchased. It is imported from Italy.

In the box are one rock salt plate and one spice for meat and fish.

As a result of measurement, the rock salt plate was measured 1727 g.

The size is about 19.5 cm to 19.8 cm per side. Hold hand with one hand and hand pulled.

The thickness is 2 cm.

It is a beautiful pink marble pattern like marble, but it is rough salt, so the surface is rough.

The method of use was described on the back of the box. Gas · Electric stove · It can be used on the BBQ grill. In the case of an electric hob, it is necessary to use a grill net etc and spacing it by about 1.3 cm. It is stated that it is used in a dry state, that it does not use dishwasher and detergent etc.

So, I will purchase vegetables, meat, fish etc. and try using it actually.

Since this time it is used on the gas stove, put the rock salt plate on the gotoku as it is, and put it.

It was very important that the rock salt plate was "to slowly warm" anyway, because it was written that it can be warmed "15 minutes at low heat and 15 minutes at medium heat" in the instructions, first ignition with a low heat. Rock salt plates are also being sold by other manufacturers,Further thick platesIt is described as "low fire 20 minutes, medium heat 20 minutes, high heat 20 minutes"Amazon ReviewsSome people were warming up with "low fire 10 minutes, medium heat 10 minutes, high heat 10 minutes". By this work the surface of the plate should roughly rise from 230 to 260 degrees.

"FLIR ONE" in which a smartphone becomes a thermo camera by simply attaching itWhile checking the temperature of the plate surface, leave for a while.

Next I will prepare the meat. Small sizeRogos rock salt plate"There was something that was too salty", so when I looked it up, "The strength of saltiness is affected by the texture of the food, the fat content, the thickness content, the temperature of the plate, and the food with high moisture content As I take out the salt quickly, if you feel salty, add a layer of oil "because there was, One of two meats had already been covered with oil and meat herbs.

After a lapse of 15 minutes on a low heat, then heat it further for 15 minutes with medium heat.

......, but as confirmed by FLIR ONE, the temperature was stopped at 150 degrees. Actually, the safety sensor mounted on the stove activates and switches to low heat without permission on the way, and the temperature of the surface did not rise enough though the back side of the plate was hot.

So, the appearance of a cassette stove without a safety sensor. In response to the advice "Is it better to heat the plate evenly by pulling a grill?", This time I am laying a grill. As for the rock salt plate, the impression that "broke during use" was also seen, so it is safe to lay a grill.


At first, turn it over and warm up for 15 minutes.

Then strengthen the fire a bit ... ...

Another 15 minutes.

Infrared thermography "FLIR i 3" which can measure temperature and save images simply by holding any objectWhen I measured it with, it was warming properly. If you do not have a thermographyDrop a few drops of waterdrops on the plate to see the reactionIt is said to check whether or not to keep 5 seconds or more by holding your hand over 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm) from the plateMethodYou can check if the temperature is sufficient.

Draw oil on the surface of the plate ......

I will bake the meat. At this time, because the plate is hot, it is necessary to use a metal tongue instead of a plastic tongue.

I tried baking a steak with a 2 cm thick rock salt plate - YouTube

When arranging the meat on the rock salt plate, a good sound called Jewer sounds. Bake one side for 2 minutes ...

Flip the meat and bake one side for about 3 minutes. While baking 2 pieces, the left side is oiled and the right side is not dressed. I will see if there is a difference in the finish.

That means that meat is pulled down from the plate ... ...

First of all, when I tried eating a person who smeared oil, I do not feel that it is "salty", but rather saltiness "felt faint". Moreover, it is a mild saltiness like a common salt, so it's a good job in terms of "to enhance the taste of the ingredients" and "to enjoy the taste of the ingredients". Conversely, it was the impression that the finish is likely to be influenced by the level of meat to be cooked. This time I cooked an Australian sirloin with little fat, but from the far infrared effect, despite the fact that the fire has passed through tightly, the meat quality is soft, juicy finish with juicy and juicy juice overflowing It was.

I tried eating even those who did not cover the oil, so there was not much difference. As for the person who likes rare, it is OK if you adjust the baking time because it was between Welldan and Medium, which was finished with 2 minutes on the front side and 3 minutes on the back side.

After cooking, the rock salt plate which was as marble-like beauty discolored where the meat was being baked. Immediately after use, the plate is hot, so leave it cool for a while. About one hour later, it became less than 50 degrees and it became possible to process by hand.

There were sharp cracks on the surface you see well. Because this crack penetrated to the back side, it is convinced that "the plate broke during cooking".

Explanatory notes andYouTube movieHowever, cleaning method "rubbing with wet sponge" was introduced, but there is a danger of cracking when reheating the wet plate,Grill net · iron plate cleanerI will try using. Although it is handled by Amazon, I could purchase even 100 yen.

Roughly burned in the spatula ... ...

I scrub with metal brushes. Part of this metal brush, in particular, was excellent as burnt-out, because it scrapes rock salt.

After cleaning it is like this. I can regain a lot of former figure ... ...

It is a place to worry about cracks that entered the surface as well.

Was the surface scraped off by cleaning and it became more salty? Heat it again for 15 minutes of low heat and 15 minutes of medium heat to confirm that it is.

I will bake the meat. This time it cuts in half and coats one with oil and the other without oil. Oil is not laying on the plate itself, but as the first oil was left, oil was floating on the surface by heating.

The steak is completed.

Every one has a taste firmly compared to the first time, but when comparing with eating without oil and without oil, a difference was felt clearly, and when we asked several editorial staff to eat "a person without oil It is a good feeling to notice salt! "

I also bought roast meat for roast meat.

Start grilled meat on a rock salt plate as it is without catching the cleaning process.

I tried cooking without flavoring even with a frying pan for comparison.

Grilled eyes are followed by Juwahuwa and it feels nice.

So I compared it with meat baked on rock salt plate (left) and meat baked in frying pan (right).

Then, a thinner grilled meat was more salty than when burning a thick steak, and I heard a mellow and exquisite salty increase saying "This is good!" I tried to bake how many turns, but saltiness came out as I piled up, so it seems OK to bake continuously without bothering a little scorching. Compared to the comparative grilled meat, it has been tasted firmly.

In addition, I tried baking tomatoes and onions.

... ... but the vegetables with high moisture content melts the plate while baking and sucks the salt so it gets salty. However, it was salty because it was salty, so it was easy to eat.

Is it possible to clean the rock salt plate even when it is warm? As I tried it, oil stains could not be removed well with stickiness, so cleaning is recommended after cooling once again. Drop only conspicuous scorching ... ...

I will bake salmon next time.

Salmon is also soft from the surface to the inside, finished juicy plump. However, because salmon was also thick, or because there were a lot of fat, it did not taste like "exquisite". It seems that those sliced ​​thinner are still more suitable.

Next, I tried grilling vegetables themselves after oiling because vegetables with high moisture became too salty. Depending on the thickness to be sliced, this time 1 to 2 minutes per side.

Then, salty is not too strong for both tomatoes and onions, so it is an exquisite salt-water reduction that seems to be a liquor's control. Especially tomatoes think that the balance of sweetness and saltiness "can be used as a tomato sauce as it is" ?, depending on the cooking method, it is likely to eat deliciously sweet and tasty vegetables.

Asparagus can be deliciously eaten without taste.

In response to the voice of the editorial staff saying "I want to eat grilled onigiri", I tried experimenting with rice balls with oil on the surface ... ...

This is a failure. Due to the stickiness of the rice, the part with the taste peeled off at the moment turned inside out. Also, since the soy sauce can not be used, the portion barely tasted does not go out of the range of "just salt rice", and the impression that there is not much meaning to use a plate.

It was a rock salt plate that was shining like pink so much, but after a number of grills, it looks like a warrior who passed through numerous warheads ... ....

... ... but, if you scrub with a cleaner, you can regain pinkness until this point.

Turning over the back side, it was mushy with drooling oil ......

This has also returned to pink so far after cleaning.

As I got here, if I use a grill, I may be able to heat up well with a stove ... ... I will experiment, but ...

After all, since the temperature sensor reacts when the back side reaches 250 degrees, the surface does not rise above 200 degrees. However, since there was a mode which raises the reaction temperature of the sensor to 290 degrees under certain conditions, the stove in the editorial department tried and it managed to rise to 240 degrees somehow. It seems that it will also be affected by the type of stove and the height of the votes and so on, so it may be only to experiment at home.

Once it has been cleaned, bake the oil onion balls and let it blend.

And this time I will burn the domestic beef sirloin as it is. The Australian cow steak covered herbs, but it was because there was a comment saying "Salty is defeated by herbs ... ...."

Because it is a thin steak meat, I try to bake for 1 minute on the front side, 1 minute on the back side, 30 seconds on the surface again ... ....

To the medium feeling good. It is like the steak that you can eat at the shop, with the highest levels ever before, and the meat's original taste has been complemented with mellow salt. In other words, it was the point of this rock salt plate that "It is not grilling meat suddenly, grilling vegetables with oil cooked and letting the plate fit", "Do not cover the oil with meat," "Choose somewhat thin meat" It seems.

Furthermore, the rock salt plate which was cleaned and returned to normal temperature was cooled in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

In addition, it cooled in the freezer for 30 minutes and cooled down to minus 5.3 degrees.

If you bring ice and fruits, you can use it as a fashionable dessert container. The more salty the more the ingredients become more and more saltier, but if you keep "eating immediately after making", avoid drinking watery fruits such as pineapple, it seemed that you could enjoy sweet and sour dessert.

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