Sensual streamlined chair that fits perfectly at all times, "The JOKI bench"

Working firmly for a day and coming home, coming now, time for healing ...... and when relaxing can be relaxed if the room chair is bad at such a time can not be relaxed. A chair, but a chair though. The chair of the smooth form calculated so as to fit perfectly to the body as follows from the following.

Joki - Bench by Kayiwa »Yanko Design

The whole picture looks like this. I draw a smooth streamline like a wave.

View from the other side.

Because you are making one long chair by arranging four chairs, you can use it separately. It is designed to be a smooth joint even if sorting is done.

Each side of the chair has a handle, so when you carry or rearrange it, it is good for you.

Because it is made of wood, you can see the beauty of the wood grain as you approach.

Sit and feel like this.

It is a chair that combines the appearance and functionality, which is a sensual and beautiful form and a form that fits the human body at any time.

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