Boat-shaped bathtub "vascabarca"

I think that the most relaxing time in my life is when I am wrapped in a futon, when I am in a private room in a toilet, and when I am taking a bath. Especially "Bath is laundry of life" It is said, and I want to slow. To make such bus time gracefully, changing a bathtub may be a hand. So, it is a boat type bathtub.

Details are as below.
A stone boat type bathtub.

Would you like to put the hot water and endure the floor ...

It is a little embarrassing to take a bath here.

This was designed by Anne Poirier and Patrick Poirier. It seems to design various kinds of bathtubs and accessories which are likely to be enjoyable to take a bath.

Antonio lupi

It looks like a cigar-shaped UFO.

The bathtub itself is big, but the amount of hot water that you enter will not be that much.

A rich bath.

A huge mirror beside the bathtub. It might be good for those who want to check their beauty.

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