Rally cars falling in the mountains while driving, drivers survive miraculously

In a rally held in Portugal, there was a rally car that dropped off the mountain with a momentum. However, it seems that the driver survived miraculously.

It is filmed as a way of rolling down the slope and the moment of removing the road by the camera attached to the car body, and it is made to be seen in the movie.

Details are as below.
Rally Car Driver Falls Off Mountain And Lives

Rally car running through the mountain road.
YouTube - Latvala's rolls Rally Portugal

Although I show a brilliant run to the middle.

Turn down the curve and not fall.

The camera attached to the car captured the moment when the car falls and falls.

The car that was discovered is dreadful.

Despite being a fierce accident, the driver Jari-Matti Latvala survived luckily. However, the team said there was a request for dismissal.

"The accident this time was the biggest one in my career, it fell about 150 meters and it was a terrifying fear that the car's frame bends and comes close to the body as he listens to incredible noise." It seems that Latvala is talking.

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