As a loop roller coaster, the world's fastest and largest loop diameter boasts "FULL THROTTLE" watching from various viewpoint movies

Located in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CaliforniaSix · Flags · Magic · MountainAs a newly formed loop coaster, the fastest and biggest loop diameter in the world is "FULL THROTTLE". The movie watching the roller coaster from various perspectives is "Full Throttle Roller Coaster REAL POV Six Flags Magic Mountain SFMM 2013".

Full Throttle Roller Coaster REAL POV Six Flags Magic Mountain SFMM 2013 - YouTube

The start is very ordinary.

Starting suddenly ......

The ground and the sky are upside down.

I suddenly made one revolution

While being swayed from side to side ......

I will add another twist and fall

Go through the dark tunnel ......

Suddenly the coaster stops

Suddenly the coaster ran backwards

Stop in the middle of the slope

Also start in the direction of travel, feeling drunk even if not on board

The view from the top of the roller coaster looks something like this

People like garbage

Looking at the buildings and things on the ground, you can see how the position of the coaster is high

Arrive at the goal

This is one revolution awaiting suddenly at the start, considerable height and speed are coming out

Looking from the bottom like this, the loop has a diameter of 48.8 m

I will pass the front of the camera at a considerable speed

The highest point of the roller coaster is also quite high


Passing at a tremendous speed

These two are on a roller coaster

Since there is a big loop suddenly from the start, it seems that you can feel a lot of acceleration

At the top of the loop it has become an expression that can not be said at all

While being swayed from side to side

Everyone is puzzled when they stop at the tunnel

A considerable speed when running in the back

When you are at the highest point of the roller coaster, the rails of other roller coasters look quite low

Fall almost vertically ... ...

I managed to survive successfully

Just watching it is a roller coaster that seems to get drunk, but perhaps it's supposed to be an irresistible thing to my favorite person.

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