Fossils of extinct ancient creatures are brought in large quantities in auctions

Marilyn Monroe pinupFromTakashi Murakami's works of artUp to the auction house famous for dealing with everything and everything "Christie's"Is now a topic to list fossils of ancient creatures that have already become extinct, such as saber tigers and horror enamas. How much do you sell for what?

Details are below.
Auction of the ancients: Dinosaur nursery and prehistoric bear go under the hammer | Mail Online

This auction of natural fossils by Christie is the third time since 2007, including this time. Last year it sold 2 million pounds (about 300 million yen) and set the world record of 11. In the past"Jurassic ParkIt is also in the background that a movie featuring dinosaurs like the one in the background also seems to be booming such a fossil auction.

Although valuable academic materials may be dissipated by being put on an auction, these fossils are not so important from an academic point of view, and research institutions almost bid There is no thing.

PsittacosaurusFossils.Expected winning bid price 180 thousand ~ 220 thousand euros(About 24 million to 30 million yen). When I was with nine children in the nest, it seems I got involved in some kind of disaster and became a fossil

Off Talmosaurus.Expected winning bid price 180 thousand ~ 220 thousand euros(About 24 million to 30 million yen). It looks like fish, but it is a reptile.

There are only three in the worldSaber tigerFossil of the whole body skeleton. With the prey's fossils alsoExpected winning bid price 80 thousand ~ 120 thousand euro(About 11 million to 16 million yen)

Expected winning bid if only head30 thousand to 50 thousand euros(About 4 million - 6.8 million yen) and it is a bit affordable

There were 168 teethMegarodonFossil of the chin.Expected bid price 150 thousand to 250 thousand euros(About 20 million - 34 million yen). The height opened from the upper jaw to the lower jaw is about 43 feet (about 13 meters) and it is considerably huge

I catch salmonHollanagmasFossils.Expected winning bid price 20 thousand to 25 thousand euros

To someone who is a bit expensive and can not reach ...An assortment of crab fossils"Or"Shell fossilsThings that are likely to fit in around 500,000 yen are also exhibited. If you register, you can bid online as well, so people who find artistic value on such fossils may be fun to join.

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