What is the largest terrestrial organism "Dreadnutus" ever 10 times heavier than Tyrannosaurus?

The largest dinosaur as discovered so far "Dreadnoughtus (Dreadnutus)"Was found in Argentina.

Newly discovered dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus, takes title of largest terrestrial animal - The Washington Post

The official name of Dreadnutus is "Dreadnutus Shurani". A British battleship in the early 20th century "Dreadnought"Named after Mr. Adam Shrani who contributed part of the cost of excavation research. The state of the excavation work of the dreadnutus and the survey of the skeleton can be confirmed in the following movie.

This is the figure of Dreadnutus imagined from the fossil where excavated. The total length is estimated 26 meters.

Even the length of the neck alone is 11 meters, making use of its long neckCretaceousI had eaten ferns / mosses and softwoods / broad-leaved trees which have been breeding widely in the past. It is thought that there were no predators to become natural enemies in the Dreadnutus who had a gigantic body and a powerful tail exceeding 8 meters, reigning in grasslands and dense forests.

The elephant weighs about 5 tons (5000 kg). Tyrannosaurus famous as carnivorous dinosaur is about the same weight.

In contrast, the weight of Dreadnutus is 65 tons (65,000 kg).

AircraftBoeing 737Dreadnutus heavier than heavy dinosaurs, including the dinosaurs discovered so far, are considered to be the "heaviest land animals in history".

Dreadnutus was born in Argentina in 2005PatagoniaIt was excavated at.

Approximately 70% of the skeleton excluding the head was discovered,Titano SaurusIt was excavated as a fossil of the past in an unprecedented state in the past, he said the researchers were delighted.

Associate Professor Ken Rakobara of Drexel University expresses Dreadnutus as "Beyond established concept". Initially, it took time to notice that the bone found in the unimaginable size was the femur.

In the excavation work, we discovered a total of 16 tons of two dreadnorthus fossils. It is thought that two heads were caught in the flowing sand and died, so it was said that the state of preservation was very good.

In excavation work, 145 bones and 1 tooth were found but no skull was found. Incidentally,Dragon legs eyeIt is thought that the head of the giant chief dinosaur called the dreadlock's head is very small compared to the giant and the head of the dreadnutus was only about the horse's head.

This is the "bone" of the toe of the foot of Dreadnutus.

Image image of the tail is like this. Even just a tail, the length is 8.8 meters.

Dr. Lacobara owns a part of the tail bone called "Chevron".

Chevron is the bone of this part. He had an important role in moving the long tail with bones with muscles.

Since the bones of Dreadnutus are scheduled to be scanned and released as 3D data, in the near future, it is possible to make a fossil model with a 3D printer.

Dred noatus, who is presumed to have inhabited 66 million years ago from 83 million years ago, has a total length of about 26 meters. Surprisingly, it is estimated that 65 tons of this dred noatus is growing when there is no sign that bone growth has slowed down and it died. Dreadnutus who updated the record of the world's largest terrestrial organism seems to have greatly expanded the limits of the organisms that organisms can reach.

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