Inline skate on the roller coaster rail

It seems that the challenge of sliding the roller coaster rail using inline skating was done. It is a roller coaster with a thrill just by riding it normally, but it seems quite courageous to slide down on your own feet.

Details are from the following.
Man sets world record for in-line skating down a rollercoaster | The Sun | News

Dirk Auer (36 years old) living in Germany has been in Japan for 2 monthsStuttgartI am planning to slide the wooden coaster of the theme park at inline skating in the theme park and it seems that I made skate shoes that fit the coaster over 110 hours. The challenge took place last weekend and it means that it succeeded successfully.

This is Dirk Auer

I am wearing skate shoes attached to rails.

Preparation is completed and start.

Looking from another angle, it looks like this.

Even if it turns into a curve, it is slipping without problems.

I'm pretty slanting sideways.

I will climb the mountain ride on speed.

Indeed it seems that I can not slide upright.

You can see the movies actually sliding from the following
YouTube - Man skates down a 860 meter roller coaster

You can see other pictures from below.
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