Movie to utilize heavy machinery like construction site for attraction of amusement park

A movie playing with shoveling cars etc that are often seen in construction sites, swinging around the big body and making it like a scream machine in an amusement park.

There are things that seem to be less secure as you see them, and only thrills are not the ratio of regular amusement parks.

Details are as below. We are waving 360 degrees around the people who are hanging over the shovel car and dropping it in the water.
YouTube - Redneck Amusement Park

This is a theme park that you can play with heavy machineryDIGGER LANDAttraction "Spin Dizzy" that can be ridden in. I'm spinning a lot with a momentum.
YouTube - Spin Dizzy at Diggerland

Vehicles traveling slowly only in the vertical direction that can also ride on DIGGER LAND. This seems to be able to ride relatively relief if it is not a heights of phobia.
YouTube - Diggerland Kent

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