Ferris wheel movies of the threat to spin round and round manually

Speaking of the Ferris wheel, it is a relaxing movement, a ride with a sense of security that you can enjoy if you do not like scary machines except for afraid of high altitude, but a ridiculous Ferris wheel that rotates at a tremendous speed by human power is taken with a movie It is.

Details are as below.
The seat of two people is being rotated at high speed. What a power that human being is human.
LiveLeak.com - Man-Powered Ferris Wheel.

It seems that it rotates by falling while being caught by a Ferris wheel climbing a person beside it.

Whether it's such a performance, people who produce rotational energy will fall one after another. It is an exercise that does not show signs of stopping like a water wheel.

Unlike ordinary Ferris wheel gondola seats are exposed so it seems that you can taste quite a thrill.

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