A popular roll cake that is hard to get Tasty reviews such as "Oyama Roll" and "Baumkuchen"

Roll cake "Oyama Roll" of "Pasiteye S Koyama" in Mita city, Hyogo prefecture is famous for being unable to eat easily even if living in Kansai. However, GIGAZINE Editorial Department, who knew that there was a release on the day,Patissier S KoyamaI bought a cake.

The famous one is "Oyama Roll", but there were many other delicious items such as the huge Baumkuchen and the seasonal cake, so I tried buying things for the time being.

Details are as below.

The cake I bought is here.

This got a line tied from line in the morning purchased "Oyama RollOne, 1260 yen.

Shelf life is on the day. If a person who got a numbered ticket does not come by 18 o'clock, it seems to be treated as cancellation.

The origins of how Oyama Roll was born is written.

Oyama roll appeared opening the box.


I saw it from the edge. Cream is slightly thick.

A crack that understands the reason why it can not be delivered because its shape collapses. Even when you peel off thin paper it will be too much cracks, so it may be useless if you treat it considerably carefully.

I cut it.

Although I did not know from outside, there are chestnuts, not only cream but also custard cream is wrapped. Thanks to this custard cream, I am sweet with a rich cake like a cream puff while roll cake. The flavor of the sponge dough is steadily showing the flavor of eggs, plump soft sweetness. Although chestnuts complement elegant sweetness, sponge dough and cream are pretty delicious even just that, so I feel that extra texture is born by putting it.

This is one of the editorial staff who has eaten pastry c-koyama's cake "Big Tree of Memories - Koyama Baumkuchen ~Because it is L size, it is 3150 yen.

It's not just Baumkuchen, but KOYAMA STYLE.

A box came out further from the box.

It looks like a dictionary.

When opening the cover it appeared Baumkuchen.

I tried out it on the desk and Don. L size is large and it is big.

The height is about 9 cm.

Diameter of about 14 cm.

The section looks something like this. Although I do not know in appearance, it is very moist, does not pass through at all, it is very easy to eat. The sweetness is intense because the outside is coated with sugar, but it is just sweet for the part you get with coffee and tea. Especially compatibility with black coffee is outstanding.

This is"Mellow Green Tea ~ Seasonal Limited Baumkuchen ~". It is a limited version of 1470 yen only for seasons where new tea can be taken from April 29th.

Likewise, it is in a box like a dictionary.

It is 15 cm in diameter and 4.7 cm in height.

It is Baumkuchen who is mixing new tea. It is more rich in taste than ordinary Baumkuchen, so you can be satisfied without L size. There is no astringency of tea, but you can feel the sweetness of fresh tea. I think that it is such a taste because it is green tea rather than matcha, but maybe there is bitterness for a while.

Next is pudding.

Two types of pudding.

Left is "Ochiaipurin of spring strawberries", Right is"Oyama plum".

Very tasteful, smooth, rich and rich taste.Pudding to breadJust like painting it on the bread it looks delicious.

"Spring strawberry Oyama plum" has strawberry's refreshing acidity and sweetness. There is also a feeling of sushiing of seeds, bringing out the umami of strawberries.

The last one is a chiffon cake "es - Chiffon Earl Gray" and "es - Chiffon vanilla", 1575 yen each.

Earl Gray on the left, vanilla on the right.

The chiffon cake has an image of a mouth-tinted mouthfeel, but this chiffon cake has a lot of air, but moisture remains and moist feeling. It is strange that it is not light on the throat. There is nothing more than a bother to sell it as a chiffon cake. The movie tried rocking the cut chiffon cake, and it seems a bit of a story will tell you how fluent it is.

Even if it is said to be No. 1 in the taste category of TV champion, it is a story of 2001, and there are many things that can be picked up as magazines and others as they are, but that was also acceptable taste. Is it the best item to bring as a souvenir to someone?

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