A rail of minicar over 40 meters is laid in the backyard of the house, and the whole story until the goal is done at high speed is released

The world's largest toy manufacturerMATTEL (Mattel)Out ofHot WheelsA series of minicars that attract not only children but also adults. It is made public that the rail of such a hot wheel is laid from the window of the home from the window of the house to the wall or the backyard, and the rail which extends 42 m is finished to the minicar with high speed of only 25 seconds.

Hot Wheels in the Garden - YouTube

Rail that pops out of the house.

Open the door of the garden ......

How far will it last? It is a long rail that I thought was a long rail.

The starting point is inside the house.

Put Mattel's mini car "Hot Wheel" on the rail ......

start. First of all, we will go down a long slope extending from the window.

Accelerating hot wheels.

Run over the fence ......

Rotating around like a roller coaster.

Even in the curve, I rush without jumping out of the rail.

A road that turns with something ......

I will continue steadily without stopping on the uphill slope.

The end turns into a flatland ... ...

Goal in with the welcome from other hot wheels. The time it took from the start to the goal in was 25 seconds, and the speed was 3.8 miles (6.1 km).

In addition, the image which made the dedicated camera car made by 3D printing run to the rail is also released.

Awesome speed feeling.

It looks like a full revolution.

The curve also turns gyunt with momentum ... ...

"Congratulations" "congratulations" and goal-in as if everyone is being accepted.

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