What has happened before the United States and Cuba, which had been bad for more than 150 years, reached diplomatic ties?

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Republic of CubaIs located in the Caribbean between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Ocean. Cuba happened in the 1950'sCuban revolutionIt became a socialist state from 1979, and had hostile relations with the US until it recovered diplomatic relations in 2015. In the following movies, we go back to 150 years ago as to the relationship between Cuba and the United States, and explain why America and Cuba were in hostile relationship for a long while handing over the history.

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When I say CubaCuban crisisThere are many people who imagine the Cold War period, but in order to talk about the relationship between Cuba and America, we have to go back to the 1850s.

In the United States of the 1850s still slavery was accepted and southern United States who claimed to maintain slavery was trying to hold Cuba which was Spanish territory at that time. The North against it criticizes this as "imperialism."

After thatCivil warIt will happen, America will abolish slavery. The United States then asserts that Cuba should be released from Spain, and starts a war with Spain. But even in the United States, there is an argument that this is excessive interference with Cuba.

And in 1898 the Spanish troops withdrew from Cuba and Cuban independence is supported by the Congress. But to Guantanamo in CubaAmerican base, Cuba is practically controlled by the United States of America, such as Cuba's foreign policy is all done with instructions from the United States.

Oppositely it seems that the US military had supported the political problems of Cuba, but in fact it was to protect US interests such as sugar trade. In terms of America and Cuba, many Americans recall the time of the Cold War, but the Cubans remember the era under American rule in the early twentieth century.

The revolt against the Cuban government in 1933 triggered the end of the American reign.

President of the then AmericanFranklin RooseveltEnded Cuba domination by the United States and declared neutrality. For nearly 20 years since then, Cuba undergoes autonomy under democracy and establishes a relatively friendly relationship with the United States.

It was 1952 that this relationship collapsed. It was the former president and the top of the Cuban militaryFulencio BatistaTook over the coup d'etat once again into the president and established the dictatorship. Then, we will fertilize ourselves while working with the US government and Mafia, and will adopt repressive policies for the people.

In response to this,Fidel CastroIt is a communist armed group led by. Castro expelled Batista out of Cuba at the end of the guerrilla war, and in 1959 declared the establishment of a communist state.

America who fears that communist countries can do in front of their own will cut off diplomatic relations with Cuba. And in 1961, they sent CIA's special forces to Cuba and tried assassinating CastroPigs Bay incidentThis will trigger Castro to ask for assistance from the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, in 1962, the Soviet Union built a nuclear missile base in Cuba, against which the United States blocked Cuba's sea and the Cuban crisis where tension increased until the full nuclear warfare occurred.

When Castro took measures to ease the departure of Cuban citizens in 1980, 125 thousand Cubans migrated to Florida in the United States at the same time, who had an antipathy with the Castro regime. Nobody noticed at the time, but this mass migrant will give rise to new fires.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, President Clinton ceased to consider Cuba as a threat, tried to cancel embargo measures and restore diplomatic relations. The Castro regime, which had fallen into a severe economic situation because of losing the Soviet Union, which had been the backing point, tried to agree with this.

However, Cuban immigrants immigrated to the Castro regime and then immigrated to the United States hoped for the loss of Castro, opposed to the recovery of diplomatic relations.

In addition, in 1996, two cases of American-registered Cessna aircraft are shot down by a Cuban Air Force fighter aircraft occurs. As a result, the momentum of anti-Cuba will soar in the United States, Clinton will withdraw its policy aimed at restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba.

After 20 years have passed since then, Castro decides to change his administration to his youngest brotherRaul CastroI will transfer it to you. Raul Castro wanted to improve the relationship between America and Cuba.

In the United States, Cuban immigrants also came to the United States for economic reasons, so the anti-Cuban movement in the country gradually fell, and President Obama will try to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba again. As a result, Franciscan Pope became an intermediary, and America and Cuba finally normalized diplomatic relations.

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