It will be like this if you make a course of a Leto roller coaster on a sandy beach and run it

People made a course of a roller coaster (roller coaster) on a sandy beach using parts of the "LEGO · TRAIN" series which can lay railroads with LEGO. It is a very simple image, though it is a video that captured the appearance of a running truck, it is a popular movie played about 150,000 times in one day.

Lego Sand Roller Coaster - YouTube

I created on YouTube5MadMovieMakersIt is a group that is active under the name of.

The course has already been laid.

The starting point was on the slope, so the truck started running fast.

I will bend with a curve twitchy.

It is a steep descent so that rail seams can be clearly seen.

Run through the sand tunnel at high speed.

Loop around and then lower the altitude in one stroke ......

To the goal that passed through the tunnel.

Following the appearance of a trolley running through with a fixed camera, to the cut the camera follows the truck.

From the position of the truck stops, you can see that you are running a number of times instead of a single challenge.

Next is a picture of the in-vehicle camera. This is a picture taken with GoPro fixed on the carriage.

A truck that runs while attracting the attention of those who are relaxing at the beach.

Two consecutive tunnels looked like this.

Sharp curve to the right where I saw a sand ball right in front.

The goal was in the hole of the sand.

Finally, the image of the camera facing backwards.

The truck follows from behind.

At 5 Mad Movie Makers I also had a roller coaster course on the beach the same way 4 years ago. Or making a bridge in a crossover part, you can see that it was making something pretty fresh from that time.

Lego Beach Roller Coaster - YouTube

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