"Marble Mountain" where 300 metal balls keep rolling on machines loaded with pitagora-like equipment such as jumping table, slope, castle etc.

Three hundred metallic balls moved around in a handmade device with a width of 3.7 m × a height of 2.4 m all at once and it took three years to make it and still unfinished,Pitagora deviceA machine like "Marble Mountain"is.

Marble Mountain, a themed marble machine - YouTube

A male came in the room.

We arrange the parts placed in the room in a predetermined place and assemble a huge device. Approximately all of the equipment is made of wood, handmade by the author purchased at the craft shop.

Fix the motor ......

Power on.

We will use 300 balls with a diameter of 0.5 inch (about 1.3 cm).

Move the electric mechanism that the ball goes up the slope, and put the ball in it.

The remaining balls are set on a yellow slope.

Gears slowly rotate ......

One ball gets stuck in the groove and goes slowly up the slope. The lift is eleven feet tall (about 3.4 m), 60 revolutions per minute, it is possible to carry 90 balls at once.

The whole picture of the device looks something like this. The size is a gigantic device with a width of about 3.7 meters × depth of about 2.4 meters × height of about 2. m.

The ball which climbs up the slope will roll out from the right side, and it will be divided into 4 roads through blue parts.

The route on the left side is divided into two lines, a sharp curve & a steep slope and a gentle slope road, and it joins in the middle.

There is also a route that goes through the skimmer of parts like cable cars.

Metallic balls rolling down a wide road fall at a tremendous speed.

There are 25 tricks in all, and it is said that the creator of Marble Mountain is made based on experiences and things that it felt interesting in life. For exampleGolden Gate BridgeRashii red bridge and ...

There are ski jumping tables and so on.

I saw the jumping base from above.

At the jumped end, there is a wider landing point, and then the ball rolls to the road on the left side.

As for the mechanism of the suspension bridge, guides are attached to both ends so that the ball does not jump out.

Next is a gimmick imitating the building.

The ball rolling down the corridor and the stairs ... ...

Two gold pipes are the exit.

There are two branches in front of the jump table.

Metallic ball that attacks the hairpin curve with tremendous speed.

Next waiting is a gimmick like a fortress.

Furthermore, the ball drops at nearly vertical angle, and it continues to a mechanism that runs up the slope by reactionary motion.

The fortress also has branches, and as you move to the left ... ...

Eight balls start at once and advance to a mechanism to compete for jumping.

As a mechanism, rolling falling balls are sequentially entering into 7 pockets.

Looking from the side like this.

The eighth ball triggered ... ...

Eight balls started all at once.

I will roll down the hill and jump uphill twice.

When you finish the jump, you go down a loose slope ... ....

Through a narrow street, I will return to the initial gear trap.

Next we will look at the right side of the device.

Metallic balls run down the long slope.

Beyond the sloping road, bowling pins are lined up, and if the ball passes through the center of the road, you can kill the pin.

Next is a sloping street with a hole.

And I will continue to the pink and light blue castle.

It looks like a ball jumping out from the inside of the castle.

I run down a simple slope made of wooden boards.

The balls that rolled on the two slopes join.

On the back right behind the castle is the yellow slope that appeared at the beginning of the movie.

It is a mechanism in which the ball jumps swiftly on two slopes.

Continue to a gentle gray slope ... ....

I will return to the first gearwork with a narrow road. At least 250 balls are required to roll balls on all the gimmicks, and it seems that 300 pieces are just right amount.

Marble Mountain uses 25 tricks, 32 roads, 58 bolts, 14 branches, and it is a huge device that takes about 1 hour to assemble and disassemble. It is planned to proceed further work until completion, you can see the production scenery of each piece at the author's Instagram.

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