A shining paraglider fantasizes a movie that fly at the snowy mountain in the evening

A glowing paraglider flies fantastically over the snowy mountain in the nightSpeed ​​RidingMovie "Speed ​​Riding at night in Chamonix | Moonline"ButRed Bull's YouTube channelIt is published in. Speed ​​Riding is a winter sports that fly at high speed to fly at a high speed so that it falls on the steep slope face of the snowy mountain with a paraglider, enjoying thrill and speed, even if you fly in the afternoon in the movie, go for a night where the difficulty of difficulty increases with difficulty It is.

You can check the speed-riding movie using the shining paraglider below.

Speed ​​Riding at night in Chamonix | Moonline - YouTube

The movie begins with a scene where a shining paraglider comes down from the high altitude of the mountain and descends.

A man maneuvers and fly at about the altitude likely to collide with the building and touches the roof of the houses where the snow was piled up by the skis of the feet at a distance.

Here the scene changes and the child sleeping in the house notices the external incident and jumps up.

Eyes will be taken away by the appearance of a male flying in a paraglider across the window.

A man who is steering a shining paraglider is from France and a pioneer of speed riding, a professionalValentin DellucMr. The place the paraglider is flying is the French mountainsMont BlancAt the foot of the northChamonix (Chamonix)It is inBossons glacier(Bosson Glacier).

Specially madeA glowing paragliderIt is equipped with an LED light that is as long as 20 meters and it glows. In the movie, while the relaxed BGM flows, the camera captures the glowing paragliding flying lightly over the snow and ice.

When the camera pulls and the whole landscape is reflected, you can see that only the shining paraglider and the moonlight are illuminating the surroundings.

When the position of the camera returns to original, Mr. Delluc will show off his great skill that turns left one turn.

The scene changes and it is lighted by the light of the paraglider, while sliding through the snow with skiing, it slides down the slope ......

Fall from the cliff as it is ... ...

I will fly again.

While there is a danger that Delluc will come into contact near the cliff, this time it is clockwise and turns one turn.

Rise again ...

I will fly like sewing between the trees on the slope.

The appearance of the paraglider disappears during the trees ......

The scene where the boy of the beginning appears appears again and the scene of speed riding ends.

In Staff Roll Delluc who was excited after finishing the speed riding was touched and he said "tres bien (wonderful)" in French. With this Speed ​​Riding shoot, Delluc made a vertical distance1500 metersIt is said that he got off at a height of 4 minutes 20 seconds.

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