Implemented a big challenge when a jumper flying in a wing suit jumps into an airplane at the sky, what is the result?

We carried out an unexplored challenge that the base jumper who wears like a musashi wing suit and slides downward from the sky at a tremendous speed jumps into the airplane.

2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky - YouTube

Two base jumpers climbing a mountain covered with snow. Challenge is Switzerland's famous peakJungfrauIt was held in.

The starting point is above the mountain of over 4000 meters. It is a reckless challenge that the jumpers jumped out as they are born from here jump into the window of an airplane flying side by side.

The jumper team ·Soul FlyersVince Reffet and Fred Fugen who are active as well. This time Red Bull'sA Door in the SkyI will challenge a big challenge as a project.

From the sky, the target compact machine approaches two people. Timing is adjusted ......

It is departure.

In the project over the course of several months, we have been adjusting over 100 test flights so far.

The opening of the plane where the two people jump into is a small door as small as 1.58 meters by 1.25 meters. It is an attempt to jump over in the sky while flying in places like crouching down normally.

Pilot who breathes to the jumper while checking the situation, "No, I can not see it".

"Okay, I caught the plane" jumper. I glide at a tremendous speed of 135 km / h, but of course it is not a horizontal flight. How long is the falling flight ... ...

I have been descending for a while this afternoon. It is aiming for docking in the air while doing a steep descent to the extent that it usually thinks "falls!"

The image attached to the helmet cam of the jumper gradually approaches the airplane ... ...

Also check the appearance of the jumper from inside the aircraft. And the next moment ......

Successfully jumping into the cabin like turning herself as "Kuru".

Again from another angle. A jumper approaching the opening ... ...

I was sucked in and on the flight. In the vicinity of the fuselage there should be turbulence due to wings and fuselage, but off the skill and courage of the jumper that does not even do it.

And another jumper ......

Successfully jumped in.

Team that explodes "YEAH !!!" and joy inside the cabin

Two of Soul Flyers who succeeded in an unprecedented reckless challenge. I am looking forward to the next challenge.

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