A movie of a masterpiece flying on a wing suit over an active volcano

A special wing suits for gliding with cloth stretched between hands and feet can fly over the sky like mussel in using air resistance and lift by spreading limbs in the air. A woman who dreamed of flying over a volcano with such wing suits succeeded in flying over the active volcano of Chile's highest peak and photographed a gliding appearance with GoPro of a small action camera.

GoPro: Roberta Mancino's Wingsuit Flight Over An Active Volcano - YouTube

The active volcano with the highest altitude of 2860 m in Chile ·Villarrica VolcanoThe helicopter flying towards. The Villarrica volcano is most recently in March 2015Make an eruptionIt is said that one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, such as 3,600 people living in the area evacuated.

Roberta Mancino, who had been a longtime dreamer to fly over the active volcano in wing suits, finally celebrated the dream come true after a couple of years of training, and he was smiling when he saw the appearance of a volcano from a helicopter.

Just before the glide, finally confirmed GoPro attached to the tip of the helmet.

When overlooking the volcano from the sky of 15,000 feet, the magma is burning red and red.

Mancino got out of the helicopter and finally entered the glide preparation.

It looks like this from the rear of the helicopter.

And Mancino gazed at the volcano ... ...

I will jump out into the sky.

Spread your arms and legs, glide in the sky with a figure like Musashi.

The altitude gradually drops and approaches the crater.

In the crater, magma burns red and a white smoke containing sulfur is blowing out.

Mancino advancing through the smoke.

I will fly just above the crater.

It seems that turbulence also occurs in the sky.

Pass over the volcano and prepare for landing.

Spread the parachute.

Then, Mancino of the landing, excitement of the excitement.

In addition, all this movieGoPro HERO 4It was said that it was filmed using.

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