"Jetman" who flying in the sky by live body jet wing carries out formation flight with the world's largest passenger aircraft "A380"

The world's largest passenger plane "Airbus A 380 type machine"We got the world's smallest human airplane" Wing Jet "JetmanThere was a flight that co - starred in the sky. A state of the flight and a making movie to the realization are released.

Jetman Dubai

Challenging this flight is to manipulate the jet wing he developed and have a synonym for "Jetman"Yves Rossy(Eve · Rossie), is also a leading skater of base jumping at professional skydiversVince Reffet(Vince Lafetto). Emirates Airlines and two Jetmen seems to have tried flights after careful preparation for several months.

Rossi is a person who has succeeded in numerous challenges, and in the past he also flew over Mt. Fuji in the wing jet. The state at that time is also published on YouTube.

A great momentum for human plane "Jetman" to launch movie to fly Mt. Fuji - GIGAZINE

The state of the formation flight actually carried out by such three people is contained in the following movie.

Emirates: #HelloJetman - YouTube

Emirates Airbus A 380 type machine that showed up in between the clouds.

The A380 aircraft is the world's largest passenger plane with a two-story structure.

One of the buildings symbolizing Dubai,Burj Al-ArabSuddenly beside A 380 flying while watching.

Two Jetman appeared. It is a scene that is surprised by something far from the reality that can not be seen as normal.

The scenery seen by Jetman is like this. This time I am challenging the world's largest passenger aircraft and the adventure that the smallest airplane fly formation flight.

This is also a symbol of Dubai, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree,Palm JumeirahLooking at the flight.

Two people of Jettman are reflected in the rear of the aircraft.

Jetman who flies right beside the seat. How surprised are you going to encounter such a sight while relaxing inside the cabin?

Three flying bodies that fly while looking down the streets of Dubai. The total height of the tower is 828.9 metersBurj KhalifaAlso appeared.

The formation flight is said to be taking place at an altitude of 4000 feet (about 1200 meters) which is about to hit Burj Khalifa a little more.

Jetman is not the one who is caught up in the whirlpool of the air created by its wings as being the world's largest passenger plane. As a result of thorough planning, I made a successful formation flight successfully.

Comparing the performance of the A380 with the wing jet, the engine thrust of the A380 is about 800 times the wing jet, the maximum speed is about 3 times, the weight is about 3700 times, the difference is exactly different. It is said that even with the courage of Jetman who jumped closer to A 380, it is said that it is a project of A380's pilot who was able to control the airframe in accordance with Jetman.

A making image until such time as realizing such an extreme flight is also released, and the staff struggle for the success of the project such as Jetman himself, pilot of A380, helicopter and small jet used for shooting can be seen It has become like.

Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai Formation Flight | Emirates Airline - YouTube

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