Jump over between the altitude of 2100 m and the glider of 160 km / h without a lifeline

It seems there are some men who showed out the great skill of hanging on the wing of the glider flying a height of 2,100 meters from the ground without a lifeline and jumping to another glider. It seems that it is doubtful whether it is genuine or not because it is actually being done in movies only, but it is undeniable facts.

People who are actually flying are also amazing, but the pilot that brings the glider closer to a close distance is quite a skill.

Details are from the following.
Hold on, where do you think you're going? Skydiver grabs glider's tail fin as they fly 2, 100 meters up at 100 mph | Mail Online

I am sitting on the wing of the glider. Even this alone requires a considerable degree of courage

This is about to hang under the wing.

I am hanging around ... ....

Another glider approached.

The wing of the approaching glider rapidly approached the man.

I moved to the wing of the glider as it was.

Then stand on the body and wait for the inverted glider.

The way to steer is also cold and sweat.

Catch the tail wings as it is.

Angle from another camera.

Lastly we went down to the ground with a parachute.

You can check with the movie from below.
YouTube - Red Bull - Akte Blanix II (Connecting flight)

This time, the stunt at 2100 meters above the ground was Paul Steiner of Skydiver. Mr. Paul has also made a stunt to turn to the back side of the glider by himself in 2008 and said he challenged the glider's transition as a new challenge this time. Paul himself is amazing, but he is also hat off to the pilot maneuvering.

A movie when the following challenged in 2008.
YouTube - RED BULL - Akte Blanix

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