Headline news on April 15, 2010

Questionnaire survey on how to spend this year's Golden WeekThose who responded "Loving at home or spending slowly" were the most frequent in over 30%That's right.A questionnaire survey conducted in 2007At least 40% of respondents answered "I am not planning to leave anywhere", and those who think that I am going to spend a lot in my house are decreasing by about 10%, so people who are planning to go active It is increasing. . Also, in 2007, 58.3% answered "I love to stay at home during holidays", compared to 52.3% in 2010, and here again the number of active factions is increasing You can see.

By the increase of active factions and ETC discount etc May 1st and May 5th we get a feeling that the expressway seems to be considerably crowded. In addition, it is predicted that the number of days of Golden Week of this year is the most 4 days to 5 days, and there are many people who are on holidays on the calendar street.

So, tomorrowApril 16. On April 16th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A female hairdresser will rape the robber in the basement of the shop and rape for several days - GIGAZINE

A frog that eats a frog is discovered and photographed - GIGAZINE

Young men and women who eloped out of opposition to their parents are shot dead by a shooting death - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Real Live - Scientifically unbelievable earthworm burger(Food, earthworms are used as antipyretics in traditional Chinese medicine, but it seems that it can not be used for edible but tasted like metal and not eaten)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Do not hit Yoshinoya! "Zensho with Sukiya, Naka urch comments on boiled egg problem(Social, Zensho's comments are too skillful, and Yoshinoya is finally overtaken)

Aya Ueto, a new drama recorded 18% for the first time! Escaping from an actress who can not figure! Is it? | Speedy! Back art(Broadcasting, how to change from here to victory)

Important notice to customers using virus security SourceNext: Support page(Security, the problem occurred on PC using Intel chipset, PC version of driver software "Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver" using a few version, update to resolve the problem from 12th We are distributing programs)

【WALOTA】 Virus security ZERO personal computer does not start up Serious trouble: Alfalfa mosaic(PC, it is a fault that can also be said to be the idea of ​​reversal similar to that of Mr. Nakayoshi, but quite serious symptoms)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): What is Keimann at the battle of Nagashino, Nobunaga? Letter 3 To the initial public - Culture(History, Hosokawa Hosokawa (Susa) clearly played an important role)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): With DS, Fish Kunra is the voice guide Kaiyukan, free delivery - Society(Social, service that you can hear commentary using DS for free until August)

SIMLOCK Japan 2 (2nd SIM Locking Session) Live broadcast - NicoNico Live broadcast(To discuss about mobile, SIM lock or to be held on April 16)

Two Aomori District Court enforcement officers, constantly monitoring the workplace with small cameras: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(We installed a compact camera without permission and constantly monitored it for the reason that it was dissatisfied with the work of some administrative staff)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): JR driver rejects videos, suspected allegations for suspected camouflage at the station - Society(It turned out that society, a woman who was being voyeaved captured the driver on the spot)

What happened to Sakura Inagaki Shakuchan? : Hamster preliminary report(Resale of high-priced handwritten and one-point drawings gifts on the net, program planning, for high prizes because the winner does not match the taste of a hotel-like room)

"Iron Man Kewpie" Sales to a great success Hurried to production increase position: movie news - eiga.com if you are a movie(Movie, Kewpie doll deciding to wear a powered suit and posing)

Take a book "From Paris to 50 cakes with pound type" recipe and make your own cake · salle yourself! (Extra edition) - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Food, a book with a recipe of French style sweet pound cake and a set of spoons)

Dining provided by pedal power generation, hotel in Denmark is unusual service | speech of the world | Reuters(Overseas, free meals equivalent to 4000 yen at 10 Wh)

BOOKSCAN (Book Scan) Low Price · Book Scanning Agent Service - Yamato Printing(Lifestyle, service that will convert any book to PDF with 100 yen per book appeared)

Ubuntu Magazine Japan, next issue Haruka Fukuhara of the role of Mahin covers the cover - Slashdot Japan(IT, described as "angel"Mai chan and Mr. Haruka FukuharaAppeared on the cover of Linux magazine)

Care of the lens | Nikon Imaging(Nikon Professional details on camera maintenance, lens care that needs delicate handling)

Volcanic eruption in Iceland, large-scale flood with 800 people evacuation picture with glacier melting International News: AFPBB News(Natural disasters, volcanic eruptions themselves also existed in 2004 but the eruption near this glacier since 1823)

Film production based on Jesus Christ "Ice smile" Paul Vherhoven - Cinema Today(Talking about the possibility that Berhoben of the movie "Starship Troopers" autographed his own work "Jesus of Nazare")

Osafu Xperia(Mobile, how to make Osaifu-Keitai Xperia without Felica)

We released the material! (I will show you the back of the cook pad in Osaka & Nagoya) «Cookpad Developer Blog(Net, information on the configuration and monitoring procedures of servers that support enormous access)

Rendering optimization middleware that improves frame rate up to 600% ~ Umbra Software Company / GameBusiness.jp(A mechanism that improves speed by appropriately judging whether the object is visible from the game or the player, avoiding drawing of invisible objects)

Anti-fantasy tank MMO "World of Tanks" game play trailer - Game * Spark(game,"I'm getting tired of dragon slaying now"TPS type tank challenge MMO for people")

20,000 yen drum type washing machine! Cheap white goods home appliances war chosen by Chinese manufacturers (1) | international | oriental economy of investment · economy · business online(Household appliances, the price of drum type washing machine in Japan is 80,000 ~ 200,000 yen, if it says 20,000 yen unit, only vertical washing machine and two-bath type washing machine are sold)

Japan HP Press Release Latest Intel Xeon Processor-based "HP ProLiant Server Generation 6" new product launched 11 products April 15, 2010(Server, HP ProLiant server with latest Intel Xeon processor 5600 manufactured by 32 nm process technology)

[JS] jQuery plug-in 33 + 1 selection - March, April 2010 | Collis(Script, Introducing jQuery plugin 33 + 1)

Lexus GX 460: Mitsuhiro Kunisawa(Car, 'Toyota's response may have caused the consumer report to get angry')

The lunch time of a foreign school is unexpectedly short(There seems to be some culture that there is no day off in culture)

"Thomas the Tank Engine" new series is CG, fellows from Japan also international news: AFPBB News(It seems that culture and characters will be set to tell stories of adventure stories of old days in place of Sodou island)

4Gamer.net - Call of Duty series developers established a new studio "Respawn Entertainment". Their work is released from Electronic Arts (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)(game,"Modern Warfare"Infinity Ward executives who were producing the series"Battlefield"A cooperative relationship with the EA of the series was established)

Mamoru Knight - Xbox 360 Indie Game(Game, the official site made with the taste of the former NES camper magazine is amazing)

Mr. Okabe Mr. Ozawa and Mr. Ozawa 's run out of tears Osaka constituency Osaka constituency - MSN Sankei News(Politics, "Detective Night Soup"A famous talent runs in the House of Councilors election from the Democratic Party with strong persuasion by Ichiro Ozawa)

Is it different for men and women? Opinion controversy in my home! Which will win the couple's battle? | Research rTYPE [eye share](There are places where attention points are very different between men and women, such as living, water circulation and storage)

News: "Eva" creators worked on "rough and wait" main visual is bold! Hollywood channels where movies become more interesting(An animation director, Kazuya Tsurumaki handles illustrations of movies and main visuals)

"Wonder" underwear for men is popular, released in Japan even within the year | global speech | Reuters(Underwear for men businessmen sending notes, promoting blood circulation promoting health)

Window no Mori - 【REVIEW】 Chrome extension "Libron" for borrowing books searched by Amazon in the neighboring library(Software checks whether there is a collection in the library of the set area and places a link to the rental reservation page)

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