Movie "GoPro: Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016" featuring bicycle backward two rotations and 720 degree double back flip

Free ride event of MTB (mountain bike) also called "ultimate MTB event"Red Bull Rampage"Was held on October 24, 2016 in Utah, USA, with a dazzling height, even a beginner, even advanced users can see the state of the tournament running through the course of cliffs like Goopro The captured movie "GoPro: Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016" is released.

GoPro: Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016 - YouTube

The stage of the battle was a small town called Virgin in the southwestern part of Utah, USA. MTB free ride that is too extreme will be unfolded using the terrain with a steep cliff that makes the Grand Canyon daughter.

Course is set handmade by using desolate slope which is nothing in usual.

The Red Bull Rampage 2016 is the ultimate MTB free ride event with its 11th total.

21 top riders gather in the competition and compete for techniques.

Red Bull Rampage 2016: Rider list announced! | Bike

Red Bull Rampage 2016 Mountain Bike Freeride Event

Riders who are going to raise each other before riding

And finally to the course. The moment when tension and tension reaches the climax.

From the cliffs where the other side can not be seen at all ... ...

Began downcliffe tremendously

The image of GoPro attached under the seat of the bicycle is full of presence

Each rider will fierce a ride

Sometimes it seems that it was a big fall

And this Antoine Bizet player made the double back flip which becomes the first event of the convention, that is, the technique of jumping while riding a bicycle and turning back two turns.

The moment of start. Beyond the cliffs, there is a little sight of the city in the far lower bound.

Awesome climb down the cliff, from the jumping base ... ...

Successful make-up of back flip 2 rotations tremendously! Want to see this movie by all means just like this.

Finish to the goal spot of delight! Bizet player who is greeted with great cheers.

It was Bizet player who kept double back flip which became first tournament and left name in the history of convention.

A movie that Claudio Calioli, a popular person of the MTB world, tried running this course has also been released. Sometimes "Ayaaa !!" "Huza Ken no Yo! This is the course!" "Yossha!" While screaming with a feeling like running from the start to the goal, if you see the 21 riders who participated in the tournament It seems that the excellence of her is coming further.

Sheer Cliff Drops Heat Up Claudio Caluori's Rampage 2016 Course Preview | GoPro View - YouTube

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