The movie of those who jump off one after another from the buildings and cliffs

This dynamic picture that seems to appear in one scene of a movieBase jumpSports things. Unlike sky diving jumping off an airplane, the altitude is low, but it is, therefore, a rather dangerous sport.

Some people are flying with snowboarding on and sliding in the air.

BASE-jumping Impressions - YouTube

Jump from the buildings and cliffs around the world.

Base Jumping - YouTube

A video that jumps out of the cliffs of the Grand Canyon with skateboard.

Base jump skateboard grind - YouTube

Jump all at once.

Base Jump - YouTube

Unlike skydiving, because the jumped foothold is nearby, it also hits in the middle of falling ....

Girl Has A Bad Base Jump - YouTube

The name "Base jump (BASE jump)" is taken from the initials of Building, Antenna (Antenna), Span (Bridge Girder), Earth (Nature such as cliff). Other exhilarating jump movies are like this.

1st Base Trailer - Basejumping - YouTube

2nd Base Trailer - Basejumping - YouTube

BASE Jumpers - YouTube

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