Red Bull Rampage descending the cliffs with a mountain bike Scenery of astonishment spreading in the rider's first-person viewpoint movie

Extreme sports which goes down the road without mountain bike towards the goal set under the cliff at a stroke "Red Bull Rampage 2017"Was held and a first-person movie based on the rider's eyes was released on YouTube. You can experience the world that Big Mountain riders are seeing in sports where you can not find words to describe other than "daredevil".

Red Bull Rampage MTB Freeride Tickets and Live Stream

"Red Bull Rampage" can be understood in a single shot by looking at the following course introduction movie.

Is Red Bull Rampage the sickest course around? - YouTube

Zion National Park in the United States, Utah is the annual venue "Red Bull Rampage", the 12th held in 2017. A start gate is installed on the cliff.

The course looking down from the start gate looks like this. The drone is indispensable for photographing the race of Red Bull Rampage, and DJI familiar with consumer drone sponsors.

The daredevil riders descend from this cliff.

Attractions such as a jumping table are also prepared on the hilly side, further enhancing an exciting race.

Entering second in the Red Bull Rampage 2016, the first-person perspective of Antoine Bizet (Antoine Bizet), who was elected as the "people's choice award" of the 2017 Games.

Antoine Bizet's POV People's Choice Run | Red Bull Rampage - YouTube


I began to go down the road without mountain biking.

The early stage is quite steep, so there are no sidewalks, so I will go fighting for the way to go.

I think whether I went to the mountain path ......

The biggest jump in the cliffs.

Utilizing the middle hit jump table ......

One revolution. I can see a mountain with the sun behind.

Mountain bike get off the narrow narrow road that is likely to fall if you step off one step. It is a level that worries whether the machine will not break by vibration.

Staff who watch the race on the way ... ...

You can check the appearance of the crowd who supports you.

People who see in the back left behind sight are the goals.

Bombing towards the goal.

The audience's great cheers are captured perfectly by the camera.

There is also a rotating scene where the machine can be seen with the momentum.

The audience increases as the goal approaches, and the size of the cheers is steadily increasing.

At the last jumping station ......

Bizet who decides how far backward two revolutions. The live broadcast is also excited.

Jumping a long distance a lot ......

Finally the goal gate came close.

Go through the goal gate while sliding ... ...

Finishes while falling.

A big cheer is sent to Bizet players.

It seems that it was a satisfying run for himself.

Kurt Sorge (Kurt Sorjji) runner who stood at the top of the unknown rider by limiting the Red Bull Rampage 2017 can be confirmed in the following movie.

1st Place Run Kurt Sorge | Red Bull Rampage 2017 - YouTube

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