Special issue of 'Travel and Railroad' introducing animated cartoon × railroad with image coverage "Anime and railroad" review

Background which is drawn beautifully in animation and movies, "pilgrimage pilgrimage" which visits the place which becomes the original neta is increasing the case which goes beyond the hobby range of animation fans and leads to big business / town death. Railway hobby and travel magazineTravel and train」, Which closed up the" railroad "depicted in such animation scenes" Travel and Railroad May, 2017 "Railway x Animated Holy Land Pilgrimage" "PopularityIn some cases, on October 28, 2017 the supplementary issue "Animation and railway"Was published. Picking up a beautiful railway scene depicted with animation, comparing railroads in animation with real railway photos, anime fans know things about railroads, railway fans know about animation It is one book that can be done.

Anime and railroad released on October 28! ("Journey and Railroad" Extra Number December Issue) |

On the cover of "Anime and railroad", "5 Centimeters Per SecondThe scene of the train is posted. The size of the book is 28.5 centimeters in width and 21 centimeters in width, and it is growing vertically about 1 centimeter from A4.

The number of pages is 128 pages, the heat is about 6 mm.

In the band-like design, the main feature, "Beautiful Railroad by Animation" and Introduction are featured, and a list of features and related works entitled "To the Holy Land Pilgrimage" is also listed.

Turn the cover page and a table of contents page. A number of animation × railroad features were assembled, including "To the world of animation director drawing beautiful railroad" and "Railroad sacred pilgrimage". The work being handled in the book is as follows.

What is your name? / Hoshino goe / Place of promise / 5 centimeters per second / Child following a star / Garden of a word / In a corner of this world / Mai Mai New child and Million of a thousand years / Summer Wars / Love Live! Sunshine !! / Girls & amp; Panzer / Activ Raid - Mobile Assault Room No. 8 - / Laughing Erit Suman NEW / Fureannou Uiichchi / DIVE !! / Action Heroine Chia Fruits / Moon is Beautiful / Yamano Suzume Second Season / Zipangu / Concrete · Revolutio ~ Superman Fantasy ~ THE LAST SONG / Mobile Police Patlabor REBOOT / RAIL WARS! ~ Nippon Kokusan Railway Public Security Corp ~ / Silver Spoon / Silver Spoon / Wake Up, Girls! / April is Your Lie / SHIROBAKO / Certain magical abstract catalogs - To aru kagaku no Railgun / I want to bring your voice / The Student Council's Evolution / How to Keep Her Growing / Miracle Train ~ Welcome to the Oedo Line - / A Channel / Hanayama Mata / That waiting for you / K-ON! / Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Meganebu! / Tamayura Series / Kuromukuro / Udon no Kuganei Hari Ball / Yuru Yuri / Sakura Quest / Harutika / Glass Lip / Norin / Beyond the Boundary / "Tennet of Journey" / We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day. / My heart wants to cry. / Eiko! Euphonium / Naka Dai 2 I Love to Even! / Station Memo! / Pocket Monsters / Evangelion / Crayon Shinchan / Kemono Friends / Uchoten Family / Lupine The 3rd / Chibi Maruko Chan / Ge Gege no Kitaro / Ultimate Superman / Gahipropo / Galaxy Railway 999 / Tomorrow's Joe / Sazae / City Hunter / AIR / Free!

In the special issue "To the world of an animation director drawing beautiful railways", I work on an impressive scene with a beautiful background rather than reality, leading a recent animation boomMakoto ShinkaiMr.,Yoshinobu KabuchiMr.,Mamoru Hosoda'S railway depiction expressed by the three people is posted / commented.

The first work was released in August 2016, and the worldwide box office revenue has become a record-breaking hit that reaches the first place in Japanese moviesWhat is your name?Railway depiction of. The scene where I saw Shinjuku Station from the top is stucky and stuck.

In addition to this, Makoto Shinkai's commercial debut director work "Voices of a Distant Star」, A director's depiction sticking to details such as having done most of the production with one director and ... ...

"5 centimeters per second" the railway played an important role in expressing the painfulness of division.

"5 centimeters per second" has a strong impression of railroad crossing rather than train.

Besides that, the scene where the railroad was described and the explanation are written about "the place of the clouds, the place of the promise" "the child who follows the star" and "the garden of the leaves" as well. Because there are not many explanations by sentences, it is difficult to carefully read the work which I have not seen, but the fans of the work say "This railway is important for this cut", "I wanted the image of that railway scene there" It seems to be able to get excited. "The work begins and ends with the railroad crossing of the cherry blossoming Odakyu Line, but in the end there is no Akari across the passing train.This contrast effect is to give a brilliant impression and throughout the railway "It plays a big role", as for each work, the comment of "How trains are involved in the story" was posted only once.

Mr. Susumu Katabuchi's "In this corner of the world"The lost world is rising by a precise depiction which dug out historical materials over 6 years. The "railroad scene" under construction is said to be a background in almost all scenes which became an important turning point of the main character Tsu's life, and the flow of the story was described while associating with the explanation of the depiction of the railroad .

Mori Hosoda's "summer Wars", The commentary on Tokyo Station / Shinkansen" Asama "which was reproduced faithfully is detailed. In order to produce a composition of accessing a virtual world on the Internet from a rural place, there was also a comment that it reproduced the pattern of the seat of the train to create regionality.

Another hotshot project "Railroad Holy Land Pilgrimage", "October 2017" The second period of animation broadcast started also "lovelive! Sunshine !!There was a special feature of the Izukabane Railway in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

As in the image below, you can see that the cut in the play and the actual photograph are lined up, and the reproducibility of the 3000 series train of Izu-Hakone Railroad is very high.

There was also an introduction of pilgrimage to the sacred place where school idols escort such as wrapping bus which can be seen at the station of Izu-Hakone Railroad etc. Even an animation fan saying "I do not think I will go to the sacred pilgrims, although I see animation," there are wrapped collaborative vehicles, animation cuts and reality scenery as "an enormous transportation theme park" If it is posted side by side, "If it is reproduced easily so far", I get a little interest in the sacred pilgrimage.

Also popular as a sacred pilgrimage "Girls und Panzer"Is also featured. Both the reality and the name of Ibaraki prefecture Oarai-machi was the face of the "Girls & Panzer" comparison image and the actual scenery was also introduced, tourist spots such as wrapping trains were also introduced. When you look at the comparison image, you can see well that the background of animation is very high in reproduction and popular as a sacred place pilgrim spot.

"Girls & Panzer" is a story that girls struggle in a tank "Tank Road" competition, not related to the railroad, original background material entitled "Pilgrimage of the street corner where tanks ran" There are also. Although it is a detailed part that can not be met with "Animation viewed" level, it is about too famous for fans.

In addition to that, the editorial department carefully selected "Featured Ani Iron BEST 36", which also posted close-ups of the animated railroad scene was also published. According to the table of contents, it is divided from East Japan version and West Japan version based on the land which became a model.

Set in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture "Friendship LetchClose up the scene where the main character · Makoto got on board for the move at the beginning of 1 story. The scenery depicting the scenery from the quiet interior and the beautiful car window brought a soft and unique atmosphere to the beginning of the story. As a matter of fact, I am convinced that the railroad is perfect for giving a sense of "regional feeling".

In 2016 "Japanese animator (fair) exhibition market"Published in"Mobile Police Patlabor REBOOT", You can see the depiction that the railway is towing the robot" Labor "that exceeds the entire width of 4 meters. Since 36 "railroads drawn in animation" have been selected, it seems interesting to read while talking with the way whether the work which is thoughtful is included or which scene of the work is published. Somehow I came up with anime "My sister can not be this cute"Chiba Monorail was not selected.

The same Saitama prefecture Chichibu set in "We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day."When"My heart wants to cry.Featuring tracks and stations drawn by.

Just saying the same city, it seems that there is no background of exactly the same place.

In the special feature that the Keihan Denki entitled "Keihan × Animation" appears, "Sound! Euphonium"When……

"Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!The ride scene of the first episode of. the sameKyoto Animationof"K-ON!"Although the wrapping train is running and deeply involved with Keihan, the Tokaido Shinkansen Kyoto Station was only being introduced to the West Japan side of" Featured Ani Iron BEST 36 ". From the readers in the Kansai area, I feel a bit lonely that there are only two "Keihan × Animation".

By saying that it can not be removed with the feature of animation × railroad, "Studio GhibliAs a close-up to "depiction of railway", "Primropporo"Deep commentary on the former name train" Akebono "that appeared in" Quiet depiction of sleeping limited express is a dubious husband for railway fans.

At the end of the book "Galaxy Express 999"Interview article of Mr. Zenji Matsumoto, the creator of the creator, is posted.

It is a valuable essay that tells about how SL was born, which captured countless children and railway fans, which runs into the sky.

"Anime and railroad" which focused on "railroad" focusing on animation × town generation and sacred place pilgrimage showing further excitement from the latter half of the 2010's has little commentary on guidebooks, and as a photo book animation images - Although there are variations in quality in both pictures, it became a good indicator for those who start to be interested in the "sacred pilgrimage" which we hear frequently in recent years. It is good for viewing though it is entirely done with depiction of animation's railroad depiction and the route and landscape that was referred to, but as a reading material a little boring impression. In the editorial department,Re: CREATORS"Or"Young girls war","STEINS; GATE","School DaysThere was an opinion that I wanted to see the animation × railroad feature collection that gathered, etc. A trip that helps the first step of sacred pilgrimage and the railroad 2017 extra publication December issue "animation and railroad" are on sale for 1000 yen at Amazon.


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