I played Gran Turismo SPORT at the high-class steering controller "Thrustmaster T-GT" of about 100,000 yen

"Thrustmaster T-GT"Steering controller optimized for" Gran Turismo SPORT "through joint development with Gran Turismo's Polyphony was released at a high grade price of about 100,000 yen. "Thrustmaster T - GT" came to the editorial department, so we decided to see how much the skill of the steering controller is about 100,000 yen.

T-GT PC / PlayStation® 4 | Thrustmaster

Package is here. It is impressive that the central part of the steering wheel is a "Gran Turismo" logo with a design based on monotone.

You can see that it is a rather large box compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

On the left side there is explanation of the specification of the steering wheel.

Adopting leather as a reference to a real sports car, it is said that even if it plays for a long time it does not damage comfort.

On the back side is the specification of "Thrustmaster T - GT" cocktail.

On the right side of the box is written the specification and power consumption exclusive for Gran Turismo.

In T-DFB developed exclusively for Gran Turismo, it reproduces vibrations through the steering column which only the driver feels when holding the steering wheel with the actual car, or slight vibration which can be felt from the suspension of the car It means that you can experience the situation of the machine more realistically by reproducing it.

Peak power consumption is 400 W at the maximum. Because it is 310W at the "PlayStation 4 Pro", it seems that it needs higher power than the game machine itself.

The contents of the box are assembled as each part falls apart.

The manual is written in Japanese, people who are uneasy in English are safe.

Assemble according to the manual immediately. First, attach the steering wheel to the main unit.

If you have a cockpit for the steering controller, fasten the cockpit with the fastening for the cockpit and "Thrustmaster T - GT" and fasten it.

Unfortunately there is no cockpit in the editorial department, so fix it with a fastener for the table.

After completing the wiring with the pedal and power supply · PS 4 and activating PS 4, "Thrustmaster T - GT" will perform automatic adjustment. When the steering controller moves automatically, there is no mind or a sense of accomplishment.

Automatic steering wheel adjustment of "Thrustmaster T-GT"

Actually play "Gran Turismo SPORT". Moving the steering wheel will cause the in-game drivers to move in the same way so that a sense of unity is born.

When operating with "Thrustmaster T - GT", the force feedback system will constantly vibrate the course situation and inform the driver. Especially when riding on a curbstone or crashing, the steering wheel moves with a strong force to reproduce the situation where the driver can not control so we will make the driving more realistic.

I tried to crash the "Thrustmaster T-GT" force feedback system on purpose

When experienced by another editorial staff, a favorable opinion such as "Since the controller vibrates and rattles while driving, there is a realistic feeling and it really feels like driving" or "If the balance of the car body collapses once Since it can not be easily rebuilt, it will be a lot of time loss and it will be difficult for the race to win. "

Furthermore, when used in "PlayStation VR", the impression that it becomes easier to drive by grasping the course width and distance feeling. The operation of the steering controller is linked completely with the movement of the driver in the game, and it can experience like a truly running the circuit by combining the vibration function of T - DFB. An editorial staff member said that "VR is easier to drive". However, pay attention to VR sickness.

Let's compare it with driving with PS4's normal controller. The PS4 controller does not feel any feeling of operation when moving the steering wheel, and the situation of the road surface does not come, so there is almost no feeling that you are driving a car at the time of operation.

This was also experienced by another editorial staff, either because it is after touching "Thrustmaster T - GT" or "it is not real at all" or "There is a discontinued angle and variation in the game even if the steering wheel is turned off It is hard to drive as I expected, "only negative opinions ......

I will operate with "Logicool G29 DRIVING FORCE" of 53,000 yen without tax, which is one of the official steering controllers of the Gran Turismo series. "Logicool G29 DRIVING FORCE" makes it easy to drive because the steering wheel does not move with a strong force to that extent even if the balance of the car collapses because it can be rebuilt by steering operation intensely. However, in "Logicool G29 DRIVING FORCE", the vibration transmitted from the steering wheel felt unsatisfactory, and it turned out that the fine vibration effect of "T - DFB" of "Thrustmaster T - GT" was quite large.

If another editorial staff experiences it, there is an opinion that "Logicool G29 DRIVING FORCE is better" because it is easy to stabilize the behavior of the car so it will be easier to win time in the race, because it seems easier to win in the race " Thrustmaster T - GT "absolutely wanting to rattling vibration while driving" There seems to be opinions depending on what style you want to play Gran Turismo.

Also, I feel that "Thrustmaster T - GT" is better than the texture of the controller, I feel that there is a dignity of about 100,000 yen.

"Thrustmaster T - GT" is obviously different from what we have compared so far, but I think that it will be the point of judgment whether to be able to make an amount of about 100,000 yen to pursue realism. "Thrustmaster T - GT" has been on sale on September 29, 2017 and is on sale for 95,000 yen without tax. Recommended for those who want to experience "Gran Turismo SPORT" and future release Gran Turismo series more realistically with the steering controller.

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