I checked the surroundings of the Kaiyodo Hobbykan Shimanto in what sort of remote place

July 9, in Shimanto Town, Takaoka gun, Kochi prefectureOpened "Kaiyodo Hobbykan Shimanto" with more than 10,000 pieces of Kaiyodo's worksDid.

The interesting part of this hobby museum is "Strange museumI am calling for him. When I look up the location of Shimanto Town on the map and the location of this hobby hall, I can certainly see that it is not in a place with good transportation, but it is hard to convey how far away is (remote) thing. So, as I went to the hobby pavilion, I have been exploring how far away the area is.

First of all, the location of the hobby hall is here. It is located in the map on the lower left of the character of "Hitoi" where the name of "Odori River" and the place name are displayed.

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I am renovating the gymnasium of Ichigawa River Elementary School which became a discontinued school and making it a museum. ThatAbout the appearance and the opening event, this article,About this exhibition, this articleI post it on.

Although the means of transportation is railway + taxi or private car, because it is a narrow passage, it is impossible to get on to the hobby building parking lot directly on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays until the end of August, and temporary lodgings prepared at a distance You will be traveling from the car park by shuttle bus.

Incidentally, this is a train window while moving from the hobby hall to the temporary parking lot. I think that you can see that when a lot of cars rush, it is a terrible place to go.

Temporary Parking - Hobby Hall is about 15 - 20 minutes by a free shuttle bus. I thought that people would be flooded on the day of opening, and as soon as I came, the parking lot was pitch dark ... ....

Vaguely light and light. It will be a waiting place for the white tent that is shown to board the shuttle bus.

On this day, the weather was bad in the morning and it was serious, but it was sunny with Mr. when the hobby pavilion opened. As I said before, the road conditions are by no means good, so be careful when the weather is bad.

One of the shuttle buses was painted hobby.

Ichigawa river which enters from Route 381 to Prefectural Route 55. As mentioned above, since the Hobby Museum parking lot can not be used on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays until the end of August, it is said to go to a temporary parking lot with this bridge.

Shimanto River seen from the river bridge.

By the way, on the way to the hobby building from the parking lot, in the Kamiya areaSettlement bridgethere is. There is no balustrade in the settlement bridge, and when the river rises, it sinks below the surface of the water.

It is the Okii gawa station of the JR preliminary land that crosses the Oku River bridge to the hobby museum side. As the premises run a little higher, the station is stuck to the wall like a bird's nest.

I saw the river bridge from the station home.

This is the east side toward Kubokawa. You can get out to Kochi by transferring Kubokawa. From the river river to Kochi, about 2 hours is about as long as we used express trainees from Kubokawa on the way.

The west side is connected to Uwajima in Ehime prefecture. Although it can go without changing here, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes by ordinary train only.

Used ticket insertion. Since the number of trains is 7 per day, please plan carefully if you are planning to visit by rail. In addition, if it is Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, you can use the shuttle bus between the temporary parking lot and Hobby Hall, and buses for hobby hall pickups will be operated on weekdays (until the end of August).

By the way, in JR Shikoku it runs a wrapping vehicle (Daimyo) as "Kaiyodo Hobby Train". It is said that the name will be posted on the timetable as "Kaiyodo Hobby Train".

This is a picture taken at Kubikawa Station, which is a train that runs through Ukijyo River to Uwajima after this.

The inside of the car looks like this.

Because the Shimanto River seen from the preliminary line is also quite good, it may be enough ant as a choice.

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