I have been wondering what the current situation of JR Naozumi line which is nearly 5 years old due to typhoon damage

The JR Meister Line connecting between Matsusaka station and Isezu station was greatly damaged by typhoon No. 18 in October 2009. Initially all the lines were taken off and bus substitution was carried out, but after a week the operation was resumed from Matsusaka to the castle on the way. However, until now, bankruptcy has continued from the castle to Isezu.

Initially, JR Tokai intends to switch to a bus due to natural disasters in the future, but in response to a strong request from local governments and residents along the railroad track, As part of restoring the railroad by doing it, restoration work has begun on May 30, 2013.

As more than 1 year passed since the restoration work began, I decided to actually run and see what happened to the line along the Meisan line.

(PDF file)The Meidomi Line timetable

This time I went to Ise-zuzu first and decided to go down to the castle and Matsusaka area. Since round trip is not the same route with the same route, go to Okudatsu on Route 166 · 368. It is the route which goes around the south by embedding in the following Google map.

As this route enters National Route 368Ise main roadIt will be along. It was about 1 hour on the guidance of the car navigation system, so I thought that it was a comfortable way, "Indications that the way width is narrow", "This immediate Kakimogu pass more than 8 m can not pass" ....

Information of large car closing by Mie Prefecture Matsusaka civil engineering office. Nimkiri Pass Overtake is a road known as a cruel road, although there are no road guardrails on the side of the valley where the width of the road is one car, there were places where the road width was one vehicle, but it was salvation that there were few oncoming vehicles, but it is easy to choose I realized that it was not a route.

When passing through the Pass and entering Tsu city from Matsusaka City, there is a signboard for "Welcome to God Blessed Village" like this. This is Tsukichi Misugi Town is a model of Mr. Shin Miura's novel "God's Honorable everyday" stage · "God Blessed Village" model, and in May 2014 "WOOD JOB! ~ Divine Emotional Daily ~It was thought that it was made because it was made into a movie as ".

The weather is cloudy at last moment and it is not raining anyhow. This is where I'm at a loss when it is raining.

Nonetheless, the road will be much better as it crosses the pass.

I encountered a deer on the way to Okutsu.

Encounter with deer at Ise main road - YouTube

As we go further, we can see the track running from the right. This is Naenmachi Line.

So I arrived in front of the station of Ise Ochitsu.

This new building is "Tourism Information Exchange Facility in front of Tsu Ise Ozu Station".

The next building is Ise Okitsu Station. There is a slogan that "Let's protect everyone Masamaru line" is raised.

The station building is integrated with the Tsu city Yahata allegory and Yawata area residents center.

Pictures of the former are on display at the station ......

There are notes ......

I have familiar stamps.

The front of the station building has become the Isezu stop of the JR substitution bus, and JR substitute bus which connects the now-defunct castle and Isezu is arriving and departing.

The buses from Ise-Otsu are 6: 00, 7: 35, 9: 40, 13: 20, 17: 20, 19: 05.

The timetable inside the station has also been changed to that of the substitute bus. The fare is 320 yen to the house castle, 840 yen to Matsuzaka.

You can also go home, but the home itself is out of bounds.

Since it is not used anymore for several years, it seems that it will not take much time to resume using it.

The opposite side to the home is like this.

When I exit the station building in the form of "I got off the train station" again, it is such a sight that spreads out.

In the vicinity of the station there are sightseeing sites such as Mikado cherry tree, Kawakami mountain Wakamiya Hachiman shrine, Kitajiri shrine.

Located in front of the station is Tsu Community Bus "Yahata branch front" stop. If you go to Nyanamata by this bus, you can see the photographer of Masakami Nagasawa played the movie "WOOD JOB!" And the photographer of the home of Yuki who lived with the hero and courage. However, the bound for Miyamata is only operated from Monday to Friday.

There is a bus stop for Mie Kotsu also ......

This is only for Nakushu station in front of 7:11 and only for Oimaki inside at 18:40. Perhaps it is supposed that school attendance is the main.

After watching the station square, I will go around Ise Osu station around the station. This is a railway crossing in front of Isezu.

From here we go to Ise-zuzu after a loose left curve.

After going straight on the other side, you will make a big curve to the left and head towards the next direction of.

When crossing the level crossing and walking from the national highway toward the station, we found a railroad crossing for the pedestrian who I did not notice.

The cat was looking back on here.

Because I can not enter the home, the station name sticker I found from the national highway side. Although it is weeding, the atmosphere itself seems to be able to resume operation at the station itself anytime.

Continue on the prefectural highway No. 15 to the north along the Naematsu line. The Naomatsu line and the prefectural road sometimes cross the river sometimes, sometimes crossing with a railway crossing or a guard, and progress almost in parallel. This is when I looked back to Isezuji, on my way to.

In the vicinity of this line, the Meisamachi line will enter a little higher than the road.

The Yuzu station looked up from the prefectural road.

Going further, you can see the part of rock shed (covered road) where the Meisamatsu runs across the river ... ....

Before that, confirm that there is a part where blue sheets etc are placed. Apparently, it seems to be a place where restoration work is done.

It seems that the rock shed itself is not collapsing.

This area can only be seen from the opposite shore, but as we go further, we found a railroad crossed with the Matsu line and discovered that the vehicles for construction were stopped.

Although it is impossible for the inside of the railway track, ...

You can approach along the road.

Diesel locomotive with unknown model number.

Concrete blocks are lined up ... ...

Because of the loading work on the truck or the like, the railroad tracks were covered with wood.

Since it is linked to Rock Shed this point, it seems that we will carry materials etc. with this locomotive.

After the railroad crossing just before, after the brand new construction.

It was "Heisei Fiscal year 20 JR Meisei line related emergency rehabilitation project", which was done for the restoration of the Naematsu line.

Collapse that feels the necessity of the hill. After Typhoon No. 18, there were about 40 landslides / roadbed runoffs between Ichthatsu and his house.

This railroad crossing does not pass the train for many years, so the grass grew considerably.

As it further goes down to the north, he discovers a huge pool of "FIRE VALLEY Cloud Tateyukan" written. this isMisugi Resort Fire Tani OnsenThe pool facility part of. It is not so far from Ise Hachijo.

Before Ise Kamakura, the prefectural road will go through the mountain with a new tunnel. The old road of the prefectural road parallel to the Meisaku line turns to the right, so as you enter there ...

The Meisaki line was shown from the other side of the river.

This is Ise Kamakura Station, on the right side is a simple toilet.

It is an unmanned station with waiting room.

In the waiting room, the location of the bus stop is affixed, but in a state I can not know well by burning on the day.

This is where I saw Ichihachi / Isezuzu direction.

In the meantime, the Meisamatsu line will head towards Isehara.

Since it is dangerous to go down the track, it is shooting from the home, but because the bridge is particularly dangerous, a fence was attached so that it can not get in and out.

At the end of the home of Ise Kamakura Station, looking at the Ise Hachihara direction from the direction of Isehchihara is like this.

JR Meishin Line Ise Kamakura Station - YouTube

Since Ise Kamakura has a station on the outskirts of the village, it just strikes the way like this even if it leaves the station.

There a community bus ran.

Later, the Omatsu line often runs on the east side of the river, the prefectural road often runs on the west side of the river.

There is a long railroad crossing around Takehara ......

Because there was a pretty good building, it seems that this was a district center if I thought that this is "Isegabara station".

The station is a little far away, I am in the place I came to Isezu side.

There is a JR substitution bus, Mie Kotsu, and a community bus stop in this place away from the station. The substitute bus diamond is as you saw before ......

Mie Kotsu delivers a different bus from Isezu and departs from the Kintetsu Nagoya lineKui stationYou can go out. There are also 4 flights daily.

Next to Isehara is a castle town, and the current Meino Line is a service from Matsusaka to the house castle.

Although it was rather simple station after Isezu, house castle was a big station even inside the Naematsu line.

The Mie Kotsu bus stops, but this is a standby JR substitute bus. After this, when the train arrives at the house castle station it will take over to the customer and head for Ise Ozu.

The inside of the station building is not so wide.

The castle was a two-sided two-line structure that can make a mistake, but since the returning driving is currently under way, only the home connected to the station building on the right side is used.

Originally the home where trains arrive from Ise zuzu to Matsusaka are all-you-can-eat grass.

House castle near the stationMie Prefectural Hakusan High SchoolThere were sometimes there were so many use to school, so the high school students were full in the waiting room, overlapping with the school hours.

On the east side of the station there was a signboard for "Masamatsu riding, leaving," towards the prefectural road.

When I was doing that, the train from Matsusaka came.

Kiha 11 runs towards Ichigo station - YouTube

From the back of the station building, stopKiha 11 shapeI saw. The number of high school students I went back to school was quite large.

From the castle to the side of Iseki, there are many parts where the prefectural road and the railroad are in parallel, and you can run while watching the Naematsu line.

Kiha 11 shape where I departed Kamonosho, one before Matsusaka. I did not suppress the speed up to that speed, but I was supposed to run about the same place while being captured by the signal.

Since we do not run parallel from here, go ahead to Matsusaka station.

Kiha 11, who ran far, will return here again and head towards the castle and connect to the bus.

Have not you come yet? And looking ......

I already arrived at line 5.

It may be a defeat that the area around Matsusaka station was somewhat congested ... ....

It is supposed that restoration and restarting of the full line of Naotomi line will be within 2015 (until March 2016).

As far as I can see, there is no part saying "The ground has collapsed and the tracks are floating in the air" and "There are megalithes falling on the railroad tracks", so it seems to be able to reach the restart without problems. Meanwhile, although there is demand for schooling between Matsusaka and the castle during operation, there is not a large demand before the castle, so JR Tokai initially decided to abolish and switch to the bus Well convincing place. Looking at the situation of use, the number of passengers is on a downward trend since FY 2009, when switching to an alternate bus, can we bring back passengers and recover passengers further after the restoration? It may be that there was not a big deal that the movie "WOOD JOB!" Was canceled at the opening time, but it may have been a pretty wasteful thing.

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