What is amazing what anime movie "In this corner of this world" gathered 20 million yen in only 8 days?

A cartoon that depicts a single woman living a hard era with a unique atmosphere and a gentle touch with a theme of "War" and "Hiroshima" is "In one corner of this world"is. This work "BLACK LAGOON"Or"Mai Mai Shinko and Million of a Millennium"Is planned to become an animated film by Director Kazushiguchi Sakao, the cloud funding siteMakuakeWe are seeking investment at the stage, and we are showing a great success that about 27 million yen of funds are gathered already at the stage of writing articles.

What kind of movie will be in theatrical animation movie "In this corner of the world", what kind of movie will the movie become, what kind of movie is being collected by the production side What is going on in the morning, a talk event by Mr. Tsukasa Ishibaki who can see such a glimpseGusset ★ AsobiIt was held in.

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It is Crowdfunding that introduces its idea on the Internet and collects the proponents and funds at the same time. Anime movie "In this corner of the world" spends more than 4 years preparatory work and collects some of the funds using this cloud funding when the scenario / picture story is completed. We planned to secure staff to produce works with the funds we gathered and to start production of pilot film, but the target amount of 20 million yen was just 8 I got talked about having gathered in the day.

Even after that, the numbers of supporters have continued to increase, and at the stage of writing articles, the investment of 27,441,900 yen has gathered from 2387 people in all.

The manga is set in Hiroshima Prefecture from 1934 to 1944 (1944), and during the "preparatory work 4 years" mentioned above, director Kobuchi did not care about Hiroshima and Japan at that time in detail I heard he did an investigation. The thorough investigation will be revealed in the event at the level of astonishment even from the local people "What will be done at the end of such field survey?"

At the start time of the event, people who are interested in this movie from the beginning and those who knew about this event for the first time at Machi ★ Asso venue gathered and the venue is full.

Mr. Matsumoto Atsushi who is a moderator from the left, Taro Maki who is Representative Director of Jenko and producer of this animation movie, and Director Kousuke Kamibuchi appeared in the hall. Unlike the talk event that Kataibuchi directed by so far, this event has talked about what kind of things we did in movie production so that you can understand "people who have not read the original work".

Historian's grandmother who is the original author is from Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, who wanted to draw the land where she was living together with her, "It is in one corner of this world" it is said that it was completed. Hiroshima City where the atomic bomb was dropped is a distance of 20 kilometers from Kure City, the stage of "Into the corner of this world". When director Kobuchi decides to make a movie of "in this corner of the world", he seems to have been to Hiroshima only once in the past, but calculates the size of the mushroom cloud that could have been seen from Kure Detailed field survey, including doing it, was started.

For example, in the first frame of a manga, it is a scene that only tiny tin in a square frame is standing, but the movie screen is not a square, but a rectangle such as 1: 1.85. To visualize the necessity to draw additional left and right landscape which is not drawn. In order to make these parts close to the scenery of Hiroshima and Kure at the time, Director Kobuchi visits Hiroshima many times over and conducts investigation thoroughly.

Moreover, Director Kobuchi has almost finished these investigations at the stage before meeting with the original Mr. Kono, and when I made a meeting for the first time in a movie, I do not know where it is even by repeated research It seems he heard only the part which it was. "As a result of doing a steady survey, such as going to Hiroshima by a night express busy schedule with a night bus, we finally be able to reproduce the animation background from a simple square frame," director Komabuchi proudly says .

Even just the materials at the harbor of Esanpu are considerably large amounts. Collecting so many materials ......

The background of the animation is completed by overlapping hearings etc. with those who know the scenery at the time. Moreover, it is surprising really because it is said that such work is repeated for almost all the frames.

In the main character · Tin in "a corner of this world" there is a setting born in the Taisho 14th year, so in the first episode of the manga (January 1949) that he goes to deliver seaweed to the city, The age is 8 years old. When you look closely at the scene scene where you can not decide what to buy with the price you got from the parent Tsu notices that "yo-yo" is drawn in what you want.

Although it looks like a thing drawn without anything, Director Kobuchi is investigating finely about such trivial things as well. When I looked it up, it seems that in around 1958 I painted this scene, I found out that the unprecedented yo-yo boom was rolling in Japan.

Of course, the original author, Mr. Kono, has not been born yet in Showa 9. Therefore, when drawing "a corner of this world", it seems that it made it possible to incorporate various information by making a chronology which examined the trends of the time and so on up to the details. "Because it is" in one corner of this world "which the original author made with such sticking preference, even with the animated version for theater, the same spirit will be finished with the same spirit," director Kobuchi.

Knowing these detailed historical backgrounds, it is possible to infer the living environment etc. of tin which is not told at all in manga, even from "one piece that Tin is doubt about whether to buy a yo" which is casually drawn I will.

In addition, Director Kobuchi thought that he wanted to make it to animation up to the part which does not come out in the original manga, and from what kind of restoration map written in letters what kind of building was in Hiroshima city "to reproduce a building whose appearance is unknown I am also challenging the rough skill of saying. In order to restore the buildings where the traces are now gone, we investigate various materials and we will drop it into the scenery of the age that tin actually went to Hiroshima city.

Among the children who lived in Hiroshima at that time, there were many people who had school evacuation in places other than the city of Hiroshima, and because of that many people escaped the atomic bomb. So, for the parts that I do not understand in the surrounding landscape, draw in the range that can be studied first, draw detailed shapes in comprehensive form as far as I can think ... ...

We interviewed those who know the scenery of the city at the time and asked them to look at the picture and select the closest one so that the scenery of the time can be reproduced as much as possible and made into a screen. Based on such an enormous survey, "Even landscapes that I have never actually seen can be reproduced to this level," Kobuchi said.

The episode flows, the main character Tsu is married to Kure. In the door painting is written "April 19" and the scene where the battleship Yamato arrives at the military port is drawn. Looking at this, director Kobuchi pointed out that "Is there a record that Yamato entered in April 1947?"

There, Mr. Kobuchi will also start the investigation. "Would the battleship Yamato entered Kure in April? If so, when is it?" The following sheet will make it easy to understand the records of that in-depth investigation. As a result of the investigation, it turned out that battleship Yamato arrived at the military port of Kure on 17th April.

Even if it is understood that this scene, which Tzu is looking at the port of battleship Yamato, is April 17, 1947, it is the situation of the weather the next time to visualize it. The record was also surveyed by Mr. Komabuchi and on this day we found out that it was "cloudy, temperature 16 - 17 degrees, clear air that can be seen up to 20 kilometers ahead" and this kind of information was dropped on imaging I will go on.

In addition, it tracks remodeling construction information and faithfully reproduces the state of battleship Yamato that entered the port on April 17. It is said that it is regrettable that it is misunderstood as CG because it draws too beautifully and is geeky and it is going to redraw.

Otherwise, if there is a scene that cooks wild grass and eat it, if it is actually reproduced, or if the book written by a person who was in charge of war damage in Kure said that "shelling was multicolored", the US military technical information material Director Kobuchi showed off his talks and materials that make it easy to understand that he was tilted to film production as much as the enthusiasm that Mr. Kono san wrote, such as reading and so on.

"There was Mr. Suzu in" a corner "of" In this corner of the world ", but in the survey I turned my attention to the" world "part, but if I do not know exactly what the world was like, Do not you think that you do not know what you saw from a corner where you are? "

In addition, a large number of books displayed at the beginning of the talk event are materials necessary for imaging "in a corner of this world" that the director gathered at "self-expenses" during the 4 year research period.

Thanks to the help of these materials, we have already sticked to quite a bit of details, but "We still need help to make the film we make up to reach those who need it Directed by Kobuchi. As the production side, saying that it is No. 1 to see as many people as possible what they are making, that he is acting thinking about doing whatever he can do before he can film I will.

Also, say that there are other aspects of cloud funding. Mr. Kono drew a manga named "Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni" which was the theme of war with Hiroshima before, but because it seems that "In this corner of this world" deals with the same area / contemporaries , I heard a voice saying "I was aiming for a second dish". However, with the crowdfunding, the support of more than 2000 people gathered together, it turned out that there were many "fans" who positively captured the work, so that what they got was very large is.

In addition, theatrical animation film "In this corner of the world" is under production for the release in 2016, and investment by Cloud Funding is recruited until May.

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