"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" JoJo Journey's Trip entered the final phase The 9th Premier Screening

Finally the premiere screening of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders" circling Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Hokkaido and all over Japan, finallyLanding on Sendai, a deep-rooted area with JojoDid. Mr. Daisuke Ono serving as Yutaro Kujo, Mr. Nobuo Ishizuka as Joseph Joe star, Mr. Naoto Tsuda of the director.

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The venue is MOVIX Rifu. In the case of using public transport, there is nothing except going with JR.

At Rifu station, there is a notification of extra train service accompanying the concert. This Sunday departure from 22 o'clock 4 minutes was inserted before the last train, and there is only the last train departing at 22:54.

It is a shopping center called Rifu Pair Garden which is located just a 10-minute walk from the station.

Aeon malls and food stores are gathered around large parking lots.

This is the venue MOVIX Rewards

Various items such as Jojo 's T - shirt and sandals were on sale at the goods department.

To Ono, a familiar interaction was seen at Jojo's event that "JoJo ~" from a female fan flying and a yellow cheering fly, returning it with the speech of Seitaro "It is cheap! Sendai is the place of origin of the original author, Hirohiko Araki, and will not appear in "Stardust Crusaders", but in the 4th part etc., "Samurai Since three people appear, "Three people are welcomed" Welcome to Duo Town. "

The animation writer who was in progressAizu KobayashiMr. Ono who was questioned today's "Jojo Coordinate" showed off his shirt and bracelet. In addition, pants are also Jojo handle, manager's shoes are said to be Jojo sneakers. Tsuda-san also brought a Duo-cho T-shirt to losing to this, but when trying to wear it, it was said that the size did not match ... ....

Select screening of this day is "Derby the Gamblar" which depicts the fight against episode 34 and episode 35, Daniel · J · Derby (Elder Brother Derby) which Mr. Masayoshi Midori played.

The party finally arrived at Cairo lurking in DIO.

Holly's life finally reaches a few days later and I have no time.

It was Derby who raised a name by saying that he knew the place before the party where the hint could not be grasped where the DIO's hall was located.

Confrontation is a gamble match. After the defeat of Pornaref, although Ikashima's good Joseph stands up, he went up to the derby and was defeated.

So Yutaro embarked on ... ...

To do a poker game against Derby. Mr. Ginga Mamoru who played Derby as a senior at Mr. Ishizuka's office. In the appearance of Mr. Galaxy, there seemed to be an atmosphere that "people over DIO !?" "This can not win".

In the event in Sendai, which is a special place for JoJo Fans, Mr. Ono brought in the fourth part the receipt of "Muka and Footwear Store" which became a model of "Sho no Mukadaya" . After shopping at a shop asking you to issue a "button mounting fee" receipt in the name of "Kira Yoshida", there are many customers who got the same receipt at the venue I was coming.

Egypt edition also entered the final stage, so this time we talked about the episodes that three people were interested in. What Mr. Ono was concerned about was the fight with Cuban, a barrel cha cha and barber manipulated by Anubis God. Egypt Kyushui Gods were all enemies, and Ndoll was like it was able to fight with Iggy, but even though I knew it in the fight with Chaka & Khan, I felt that I might lose " .

Mr. Ishizuka's worry was against Mariah. In the episode interwoven many elements that can be laughed in the fight, in Kyoto where he himself participatedThe 7th Premier ScreeningHe seems to be doing a good job with what he has been doing greatly with customers.

Mr. Tsuda who gave out anything other than the two episodes cited selected an eatingo Boingo with a high tension throughout.

This time also the talk part was relayed by Ustream, so to close down, "Kiss! Do not watch!" Ando's service.

After this, a preliminary screening of the 42th episode "Air of the Sky Vanilla Ice Part 1" before broadcasting was done in many areas.

Part A is a settlement of the battle between Saitaro and Terence T. Derby (Derby Brother).

Though it is a Derby brother who should be able to advance the game favorably by stand capability, it is to be pursued by Seitaro.

Even if I know only that he is doing something cheap, I can not figure out what it is ....

In addition, vanilla ice which pledges absolute loyalty to DIO appeared in B part. A crisis comes close to Abdul, Pornarev, Iggy who are acting differently from Shintaro.

Although this 42th episode celebrates a shocking ending, here is the director Tsuda says that there was a desire to have the taste that I had tasted once read the jump to animation, and in whom no one's heart It has become an indescribable feeling to remain.

Finally, "Please show me this trip everyone," Mr. ONO. How can you fight against the enemy vanilla ice cream, and can the group successfully beat the DIO? Although the original is complete, although I know the conclusion, I can not believe it to be over by what story.

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