Authentic Chinese seasoning with plenty onion flavored "Nanja scented onion oil" taste review

I got a big boomRice oil with ingredientsfollowed by,Side dishes chilies · garlic · leekYaEat soy sauceFood manufacturers sell derivative products such as, but the fact that SVie foods are selling newly from August 2014 is "Nanja scented onion oil"is. Even if you can eat as it is, as it is a versatile Chinese seasoning that it is okay to use it as a seasoning, I bought it and tried it at once.

Nanaya savory leek oil S & amp; B Sobie Foods Co., Ltd.

NAKANE leaf scallion onion oil is a product of "Side dish oilIt is in the same glass bottle as the series.

Looking at the bottom of the bottle, you can see that the onions and oils are packed all the way.

The product name is "Negi Flavor Seasoning", and raw materials include oil ingredients such as corn oil, sesame oil and lard, ingredients such as onions, onions, and sesame seeds.

The energy per 100 g is 735 kcal, which is about 720 kcal with a bottle (98 g).

When you open the lid, the scallion is covering the surface and you can hardly see the oil, but the fragrant fragrance of sesame oil fluffily fluffs.

I thought that the oil was soaked in the ingredients, but when stirring with a spoon it is light and shabby, it is clear that the onions are crisp and do not smoke too much.

First of all, white rice is prepared to taste the flavor of Nanapaka Okinawa Oil Oil as it is.

I will put onion oil on top of rice.

When I try to eat it, the onion is shakijaki, and onions are mixed with onions with fine texture. Since the onions are processed by stirring with oil, there is no pungent peculiar to the raw onions, making the sweetness of the onions faintly. Oil is crispy and has a slightly salty flavor of Chinese style.

Next I will try using Nanakanaka Oshima Oil as seasoning oil. Prepare lettuce, cabbage, shimeji and pork loin.

Lettuce and cabbage cut into bite-sized pieces.

Lightly loosen the shimeji.

Pork loin cuts roughly to a large extent.

Put the pork loin in a thinly piled oil pan ... ...

From there on, we will have Nanaka scented onion oil.

I will stir fry the meat with leek on.

If you stir flesh until brown and grilled eyes ... ...

I will move it to a dish once.

Continue to stir the leaves using the same skillet. Also drop oil from the meat into a frying pan.

In addition, add Nanba scented onion oil as much as you want.

When the leaves are smiling ......

Add shimeji and stir further.

In the place where the shimeji fires through and becomes soft ......

I will return meat to a pan.

Mix meat, vegetables, rape dish scallion onion oil.

When the ingredients are well mixed, transfer to a plate and complete.

It was easy to stir-fried meat that seasoning uses only Nanba scented onion oil.

Fry the onion with a more pleasant appearance.

When eating, it is finished in stir-fry with full-fledged flavor with rich aroma of squash and sesame oil. Also, since the onions and onions are carved finely, they often stick to ingredients and also become accent of texture.

The suggested retail price of Nanapaka Oshima Oil is 360 yen, Amazon sold at 423 yen per piece. Naka-ka starch oil onion 98 g: Food / Beverage / Liquor Mail order

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