At the end of the 'one corner of this world' a diorama that reproduces the appearance of a war-torting orphan that clings to Suzan's arm appears

'This corner of the world' of this Futsubyo-san's manga 'To the corner of the world' depicts the days of the bride married to Shuji Hojo, who works for the Warlords during the war, while also incorporating the changes in life due to changes in the war situation The film was transformed into an animated film by Director Katanao Katagura in 2016.

The Hojo and his wife, who have no children, happen to meet a girl of the war orphan who lost the mother at the atomic bomb and is jealous. The scene where the girl and Mr. Suzuki met was reproduced at the

Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] 6-23-07 ' Higashi Kikuka ' booth.

The whole diorama looks like this . The overall bluish color is a reproduction of this original scene at night. 12,000 yen with 1/10 scale resin cast kit.

The girl sitting on a bench, Mr. Suzu, Mr. Zu.

The girl was in Hiroshima with her mother when the atomic bomb fell, but her mother died of a large amount of bleeding and was mourning. Then he falls asleep as he hugs his right arm, who was sitting on the bench.

Mr. Shusaku watching over a girl and a son gently. Two girls will be taken home with the girl they met in a strange way.

In the background, Mr. Tin's words, '... you, you've been living in Hiroshima ... you survived ...'.

In addition, movie flyers are displayed at the booth ...

In the corner, there was a figure of mini-tin who tried to put green onion chopped on a cutting board into a pot.

“In (some more) corners of this world” that added episodes that were not included due to time to the works released in 2016, postponed the scheduled release for December 2018, and will be released all year around 2019 Work is being carried out aiming at it.

The movie 'In the corner of this world (even more)' postponed release-GIGAZINE

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