The movie 'In the corner of this world (and many more)' preview movie Tonon & Iwai Nanae interview video is lifted

A trailer of `` in

this world (more) in one corner '' will be released on Friday, December 20, 2019 after adding a new scene about 30 minutes to the movie `` in this corner of the world '' released in 2016 It was lifted.

Movie `` (In the corner of this world) in one corner '' trailer-YouTube

A scene where the main characters, Suzu Hokuto and Rin Shiraki, who were not drawn in 'A corner of this world', has been added.

In addition, there is a scene that delves into the relationship between Zhusaku, the husband of Tin, and Rin.

“Shousaku-san, I feel sorry for Rin-san,” what does Tin think?

Hanazawa Kana is in charge of the role of the prostitute and tel of the adventure with Lin.

The post-recording scene and interview video by Non who plays the role of tin and Nanae Iwai who plays the role of phosphorus are also released.

Non & Iwai Seventh, public dubbing & interview video lifted! “In this corner (and many more)”-YouTube

`` I was nervous because it was my first experience trying to play the same role again over time, '' he said. He played the role of tin for the first time in three years. I met Mr. Seventh and immediately remembered Tin. “I was nervous in a scene where there was a difference from Suzu-san, but it was very interesting,” he said about the difference from the previous work. Nanae Iwai, who also played Lin for the first time in three years, decided to produce “in this corner (and many more) in one corner” and when the storyboard and script were sent, “Tears came out. 'I was really happy with the feeling that I was happy, nostalgic, and' at last '.'

The movie “In the corner of this world” is scheduled to be released on Friday, December 20, 2019.
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