The director himself participated in the "Mae Mai Shinko Expedition Corps" who will guide the stage of the movie ~ Afternoon edition ~

Morning edition,Pon CakeI will tell you the state of the afternoon of "Mai Mai Shinkan Expedition 3".

I have been strolling the north from Hofu station so far, but leave for the afternoon to the south. We proceeded to the former Kanebo where there is a house of Kimi.

The report is from the following.
Tenjiku road near Shinko 's house. In the movie, Mr. Esashima who bought a state-of-the-art moped was a place where he met with Yoshimura in face-to-face relationship. After this, in the imagination of Shinko, the cow came from the left hand side. Actually, there is a home of Takako Takiki, the original author near here, which means that it will be the new child's house, but if it is too close to being too close it will be up to this point . It is now a residential area, but it seems that this area was once a barley field in the past.

Personal shop (Arii shop) located near the national stop of the long-distance bus.

This shop is "Takemoto Shoten", it has appeared in the movies with a little change of attire.

It is a splendid water gate along the water channel.

Here is the road where Shinkoko and Koiko ran along the waterway.

There are points where the river turns at right angles.

It looks like a strange road ... ...

A new child who heard about Tatsuyoshi's father and jumped out of his house ran ranking number one. A small company on the left also appears in the movie.

Soon I went south to where I could see the elevated JR. It is the former Katsuma shrine that is visible in front of it.

A freight train came, but the area around this elevated was once the sea. It seems that Katsuma Shrine was just around the corner.

Sanyo main line embankment of the old line. The elevation was completed in 1994, until then the train was running here. In the movie, the newborns sat on the bench with this fill behind, looking at the reclaimed land as a former sea, he indulged in a fantasy of "Zappoo, Zapppur".

Here, director Komibuchi found a plant (Aloe?) That Shinkaku crushed Kiyoshi who was drunk with whiskey bonbons. New child, Kimiko, Koiko (New child's sister) who eats whiskey bonbons and getting drunk with baby boomers and the newborn and Koi Iko sitting on the hammock of Fuzuru who still has not got drunk yet Although it is a very impressive scene in the play, this image was thought to have come up when seeing the young staff felt when it came in the location hanger.

Everyone is clustered on the stone bench where Shinkaku and Kiyoko were sitting.

Explore further. If I say somewhere about this harbor ...

It is a port open area where Shinko and Tatsuyoshi got on.

Currently it has melted into the residential area almost, but still snacks and inns that finished the management kept the side of the bustle of the time.

Ship ridden.

There was nothing space along this sidewalk around here. This was originally a cargo withdrawal line.

Inside the residential area, the step difference has already been advanced and it was being replaced with a road.

In the movie, Shinkaku chased Ki Iko who is coming home, Kiyoshi stopped once at a railroad crossing, and the appearance that the freight train crossed was drawn. Although it was elevated and the drop-in line was abolished, it was the above-mentioned withdrawal line that had been extending southeast from Hofu station before. Perhaps the cargo line at the far left in this picture. Kimiko was going to school beyond the railroad crossing of the Sanyo main line from the company house in the landfill.

What I saw was the clinic of Kanebo. Because your dad was a doctor, you probably worked here. From Hofu citizen, I was able to listen to stories that they used to pass well.

Although the bell-bell has now disappeared, the signal is still "front of the Kanebo".

This was the main gate. Now the site is divided into two internally, and it is a factory of two companies FILWEL and Bell Polyester Products. From here it is part of FILWEL.

The company has changed, but the facility seems to be used as it is.

Although the factory was not drawn in detail in the movie, did not it become a playground of the newborns?

The company house has come into view.

It was this type that precious Iko lived exactly.

There was a large park space between the house and the house, and there was a playground equipment.

After this, the commercial facilities adjacent to the site of the Kanebo factoryRock City HofuIt was dissolved in.

Bookmarks were distributed in all six places during the exploration, so that they could be inserted into handmade brochures.

Finally, greetings by Mr. Kobuchi. After that, Director Komibuchi appeared in local FM programs, and in the evening it was a hard schedule that there was an event called "Kazutoba Suson Night."

It is a pity that the weather in the morning was bad, but it was a nice weather around noon, the temperature did not go up too much and it was a nice climate for the stage exploration. Although it is a luxurious tour that the commentary by the director himself is done, the participation fee is exceptional with 1000 yen, and I am a little surprised as to whether such enjoyment is good.

"Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium" was finished as usual at the screening which was originally planned, and now it is from 13th March until 2nd April in ShibuyaCinema AngelicaScreening is only taking place at. From now, from March 20 to April 2, Hyogo Prefecture's Takarazuka CityCine PipiaAnd Saga City, Saga PrefectureTHEATER CIEMAIn addition to screening,Nagasaki Central Theater(March 20 to 26),Midland Cinema Nagoya Airport(March 27 - April 2), Hokkaido Kitami City'sTheater voice(March 27 - April 9), Sapporo cityTheater Kino(April 10 - April 16), Shizuoka prefecture's Hamamatsu CityCinema e-ra(1st May - 14th May) screening has been decided.

As far as the talk of BD conversion and DVD conversion has not come out yet, it may be better for a person who thinks to wait for a rental while saying it while screening at a nearby theater as close as possible .

Additional notes:In NiigataCine WindIt seems that the screening of May 1 - 21 is decided on. There may not be more watching in big movie theaters in urban areas, but movies that continue to be shown at small local cinemas all the time can have a taste.

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