Animation movie "Mai Mai Shinko and the Million of a Millennium", a long-awaited DVD conversion is decided for half a year from release

A movie released in November last yearMai Mai Shinko and Million of a MillenniumIt was announced that it will be DVDized.

Although it may be thought that "It is natural that a movie is made into DVD or Blu-ray," the initial result is not good, and the screening at the cinema is mostly performed except for Yamaguchi prefecture which is the stage of the movie In the case of this work which ended without being extended, it was completely unknown whether or not it would be made into video software. However, as a result of popularity spreading in word of mouth etc., it seems that it was carried to be converted to DVD safely.

Details are as below.
The presentation was held in the stage greetings at the Kichijoji Bauss theater currently screening "Mai Mai Shinko and the Million of the Millennium". Directed by Mr. Komabuchi Susaku on the left and Mr. Mayuko Fukuda who played the leading character · Aoki Shinko on the right.

Mr. Fukuda first appeared in front of fans and the press after becoming a high school student this April. My father was from Yamaguchi Prefecture and he received the impression that my paternal grandpa was "very good" from the papers, as well as that I entered senior high school and left me apart from my friends in junior high school, It was overlapping with Ikara's farewell.

Director Kazukubo Susakuni is the 30th greeting of the stage. We have about 130 days of screening so far, and it seems that it will be calculated at the stage greeting once every 4 days. Broadcast on April 18MAG · Net"Featured a new member of Mai Mai, and said that long long running screening was done like this because of the power of the fans who made their own fliers and talked about theatrical screenings.

The movie will be released at the Kichijoji Bausu Theater until April 30. Shizuoka · CINEMA eRA from May 1st to May 14th, Niigata · Cine Wind on May 1st ~ May 21st, May 15 ~ Screenings will be held on Saitama · Cineplex Niiza on May 23, Laputa Asagaya from May 30 to June 5 respectively. Especially in Laputa Asagaya, the 10th Laputa Animation Festival 2010 will be held from May 9th, and in addition to "Mai Mai Shinko", screening of Kobuchi's previous work "Alita Hime" will be performed as well.

Scene photographs are released on the official website. After watching a movie, it seems OK to use it when writing comments on blogs, so please spread the comments by those who went to see.
Original scene photos, released at once! - Movie 'Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium' Official Blog

All that remains is to wait for the DVD to be released safely.

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