".hack // G.U. TRILOGY" is decided theatrical release

The original animation ".hack // GU TRILOGY" drawn in full 3DCG will be released in January 2008 as a new development of ".hack // GU" which developed cross-media with animation, games, novels Although it was postponed, it was decided to release the leading theaters.

Because it is made with 3DCG animation ".hack // Roots"A game in which a story to complete the story of".hack // G.U.Although it looks just like editing a movie, ". Hack // G.U. TRILOGY" seems to draw a different development and ending than the game.

Details are as below..hack - G.U. TRILOGY Cyber ​​Connect to Two - Theatrical release announcement

From Saturday, December 22, 2007, Tokyo · Ikebukuro "Theatre diamond"From January 2008 Osaka"Theattle UmedaScheduled to be released at a late show at. In conjunction with this theater release, the DVD and Blu-ray Disc, which was scheduled to be released in January 2008, will be postponed on March 25, 2008.

Preview movies are from the official website link below.

.hack - G.U. TRILOGY

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