Miyuki Yayoi breaks the silence of 4 years and resumes writing with monthly G fantasy

A manga artist Miyuki Yarosa, a manga artist known for fantasy works such as "Otz · Kim Trilogy" called "Les Viales", "Fantasy Continent", "Ekishi no Echizen", breaks the silence of 4 years and is released in January with G fantasy It became clear that we will start the series.

Details are as below.
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According to this page, Miyuki Yazawa will start serializing the short story "Trifill Fantasia" at the "Monthly G Fantasy February issue" released on January 18, 2008. The content is "a strange and gentle story of the occupation of two sisters and one person set in the oasis town".

Incidentally,According to WikipediaIt is said that the end of series was announced in March 2005, "the land of the moment" which is the latest work of "Otsu · Kim trilogy" that was closed.

It is regrettable for fans, but expectations for new works will increase.

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