Miyuki Yoko 's "Leverage" started free delivery, followed by "Fantasy Continent"

From 1994 to 1996, Miyuki Yaizu's serial of "Monthly G Fantasy" by Enix (now Square Enix)Leveraging"ofIt is scheduled for free deliveryWe told you the other day, but distribution finally started.

It is the same work which depicted the journey of the weak constitutional wizard of Zion, the prince of the hero Uric and the legal nation "Advis" who travels to take away the evil spirit Diabolos' enemy who killed the older brother called the brave · Zard, Whether it is a good idea to read this opportunity for those who have greatly shaken the heart of the story or those who have not read yet.

On the site "J comico" which created a new business model to free out-of-print cartoons, the publication of all three volumes of "Leverage" from July 25 has been started. The same work"Fantasy continent" whose distribution began the other dayBecause it is set in the world called "Otsu Kimu" the same as it is, it is incredibly good to read together.

J Komi | Leverages

In addition, when you tweet with the hashtag "#revery_earth" attached, you can share your thoughts and taste something like "a sense of solidarity between fans" that was not quite tasteful at the time of serialization There are very interesting attempts such as being able to do.

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