Hiroyuki Eto Hiroyuki's "Magic team guruguru" resurrected, to start a new series

Gag fantasy comic work of original Hiroyuki Eto, serialized at "Monthly Shonen Gangan" from the August 1992 issue to the September 2003 issue "Magic team Gurururu"Was revived, and it became clear that a new series will be started.

In addition to unique characters, "Eul'ora!" "This is a curse of curse" This is the work that still boasts a persistent popularity with a unique gag, but it may be a very pleasing expansion for fans of the past year.

the detail is right below.

According to this page, Hiroyuki Eto Hiroyuki Eto, the original creator of "Mahoujin Guruguru" starts a new series "Kitakita (Tentative)" in a completely free web comic magazine "Gangan ONLINE" starting from October It is said to be.

From the title and illustration, the hero of "Kitakita (Tentative)" will appear to be a different color character "Kitakita Oya" appearing in the work of "Magic team Guruguru". By the way, the original protagonists "Nike" and "Kukuri" will come out ....

In addition to that, as "6 large + 1 new series", "Harassment to the public」And the latest work of the well-known sailor Kiryu, from the style which surpassed the surreal and absurdity it was demonstrating an unusual intense existence such as" Dragon Quest 4 Coma Manga Theater "Taro SakamotoIn addition to being posted, SQUARE ENIX 's cartoons magazine posters and illustrations will be posted one after another.

Since it is said that it can be read for free, it may be nice to try reading it for the time being.

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