Kodansha, publish monthly manga magazines for all pages free of charge

It was revealed that Kodansha's monthly comic magazine "Morning Two" is delivered free of charge in response to the voice "not selling" or "can not buy".

Different color comedy manga woven by Jesus Christ and Buddha "Holy ☆ Older brotherIt is "Morning Two" where original manga is posted, but it will be able to read all pages free of charge.

the detail is right below.
What does Morning Two become free?

According to this page, Kodansha is a monthly manga magazine that will be two years since its startMorning 2However, despite being well received unexpectedly, such as books tens of times the number of books released, despite being often not sold at stores such as suburban bookstores and convenience stores, It seems that we have made a free delivery of all pages for three months only.

And as soon as the 15th issue of "Morning 2" on October 22 was released, free delivery of No. 14 will take place for one month, 15th on November 22 and 16th on December 22nd will be delivered Thing. In addition, the page of editorial staff messages such as the following are written.

If you hopefully read tomato for free, please buy another magazine or manga with that money.
There are many interesting magazines besides two. If you find good manga and love you, there is nothing I'm happy about.

AlreadySquare Enix releases new cartoons and other such as "Garogle of Magic Costumes" free of charge at "Gangan ONLINE"Is there more publishing company that will deliver online in the future?

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