Headline news on November 30, 2007

Wii points used by KDDI and Okinawa cellular for download sales of Wii shopping channelStart services that can be purchased from mobile phonesIt is said to be. When you purchase a Wii point by accessing the Wii point number selling website from the au mobile phone, the point prepaid number is given, so it seems like it would be good if you enter that number on the Wii shopping channel. Three types of sales fee unit price including 1000 yen, 2000 yen, 3000 yen including tax. It seems that EZweb's "collectively au payment" will be used for payment.

So, next MondayDecember 3. A girls' manga magazine Nakayoshi launched in 1954. The world's first heart transplant took place in Cape Town in 1967, and in 1994 Sony Computer Entertainment launched the Playstation. Also, a novelist Nagai Kaze that wrote the "Furano-sen no Monogatari" which was banned just before the publication was born in 1879, and the Ran scholar Takano Nagae died in 1850.

Today's headline news.
A wall that can not be overturned (゜ д ゜): Until the world's oil is depleted "68 years later" ... 11 years will be shortened from "79 years" at the end of FY 2012 - livedoor Blog (blog)(It seems that the number of years until resources and oil are depleted is gradually growing)

Kao home takeovers Koyo Town, supermarket shopping fee supermarket Tokushima Shimbun(Living, I bought a plastic shopping bag of 5 yen per piece and I am back with every basket)

Chira back NEWS ... _ 附: "Shoplifting is a mild crime, so you should apologize on the spot" More than 10% of junior high and high school students responded(Life, shoplifting = theft)

You idiot! I work for a black company, but ... In case of animation ~(Work, low wage in harsh working environment)

Korean male's cause of death, cell phone was not an explosion - ITmedia News(Accident, culprit is colleague)

Daily Sports online / Moriko Mori "Wandering Records" specialty Tsujiku Sealing / Performing Arts / Society(Entertainment, sealed over 40 years tradition)

Asahi.com: "I want to start from schedule" Kameda brothers meet - sports(Sports, Takeshi Kameda, the first time I apologized for my own mouth)

Erotic teacher, voyeur attacks the police crying(Extortion with a voyeur video that stolen from a male teacher's desk etc. while education, security guards are traveling)

The mysterious company "FC 2" extended the tentacle to the sanctuary of the adult video sharing site - Student magazine(Internet service, pretty earnest)

Net traffic, P2P at night at 95% - German survey - ITmedia News(Net, contents are mostly movies, contents are movies, pornography, music is high)

Group chat function in Gmail - ITmedia News(Net, again new feature in Gmail)

Intel maintains the lead in the semiconductor rankings. AMD out of the top ten range - ITmedia News(Maintains the majority of market share won from AMD by hardware, dual core, quad-core CPU)

"PS 3" is also active in decrypting passwords WIRED VISION(Game, because PS 3 is not a game machine but a computer)

GPL violation on Playstation 2 game "ICO" - Engadget Japanese(Game, the same production team's "Wanda and the Colossus" seems okay)

Game bought by parents: Alfalfa mosaic(I played like a monkey when the game bought Dorakue 6 as I wanted)

GameSpark - Nintendo revealed that it registered "Super Mario Sisters" as a trademark(I want you to make it from the game, so it's not too late)

DS version "Sakura Taisen ~ Kimono Osaka ~" limited edition will be released for the first time(Game, benefits can be customized DS "steam type guard cover DS Lite" etc.)

Do you want to become immortal and immortal like fire birds "future edition"? : Alfalfa mosaic(Manga, "Bird of Fire" leaves it as if it is immortality, but the body is destroyed and it becomes only consciousness)

"This comic is terrible ... 2008 No. 1" DMC 4 volume release(Manga, where the ranking is)

Yumemir, anime "on chan"(Anime, start broadcasting on Hokkaido local from January 18)

Doraemon Nobita's college life mourning man want to write down.(Story, Nobita, too much motivation)

Comic storytelling story telling stolen wallet until the culprit is caught! Untitled(Memo, how does such a correspondence be done?)

【2ch】 New speed quality Asahi Newspaper's method of handwriting wwwww(Newspaper has never been desperately desiring newspaper solicitation)

Identify genes that enable "strong regenerative ability" of Ahhorotrl WIRED VISION(Creatures, a name of Hydoy, but a kind of salamander)

Asahi.com: Extraordinary Iron Bridge Superb View, Extended until Spring - My Town Hyogo(The railway, entry to the surplus iron bridge observatory is extended until April 6 next year)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: By the way, what happened to Linear?(Railway, everyday running test)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Say goodbye to yourself to be grinning to listen carefully(Words, mysterious words that will cause some grinning)

Which "is" is correct in "ka" of "one shot"? Excite News(Language, letters used in official sentences are decided)

1 million units in Shanghai: China WIRED VISION boasting an electric bicycle boom(Overseas, there are not many things to see in Japan)

Part of the main road collapsed in Beijing to hold the Olympics held Excite news(Overseas, a rather large road collapsed)

China's Abnai environment - the only Utsumi to "sea of ​​death" (world viewing Yutaka Kitamura's "China Kitamura Report"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Will the environment and the Olympic Games be all right?)

CNN.co.jp: Three people arrested and sold in Slovakia etc. It was the enriched uranium - business(Overseas, confiscated powdered enriched uranium in sufficient quantity for bomb manufacture)

2 Channels Lesbok: I shot a crucial moment www www(It is Donald, but it is Donald Magic?)

Byozine | ^^ |: I really asked a great person what the back menu of Yoshinoya really is(Overwhelmingly more employees who do not know food and special menu)

Gumi Candy "Mitsuya White Saida - Ichigo Gumi" New Release Releasing the Mitsuya Brand Flavor(Food, released on 10th December 2007)

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