Mr. Akana Taketa became Mayor of the day and the town of Hiroshima and Takehara was enthusiastic about "Tamayura's Day - Welcome to a warm town" on-site report

Renowned as healing animationARIAOVA which was created by the staffs gathered againTamayura"Tamayura's Day - Welcome to Warm, Warm City" was held at Takehara-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, which was the stage of Hiroshima Prefecture, and the main character · Kaede Sawatari Role ofAyana TaketatsuHe was appointed Mayor one day.

Mayor inauguration event is a role ofKana AumiAnd Mr. Okazaki 's roleYuka IguchiMr. Sakurada's roleYuuki TamutakeMr. andJunichi SatoThe director also took place, and various "Tamayura" memorial goods sold in Takehara's town and free limited delivery goods were all out of stock due to haste by many fans who came in, Takehara city under the rule of Mayor Takeshito was enveloped by enthusiasm that it was not an exaggeration to say that the whole town became "Tamayura" one color.

The appearance of the day of "Tamayura Day" is from the following.Anime Tamayura · Official website: ARIA staff reunited! Healing story set in Setouchi.

At lunch on 10th October 2010, the inauguration ceremony was held at the Takehara City Hall in one room. Sawatari castleAyana TaketatsuHe is proudly smiling somewhere.

I was asked by the Mayor of the mayor one day from "Miss Kaguya Princess" of Takehara City.

Kaoru roleKana AumiHe was appointed the education chief one day, and he was the role of Okazaki 's roleYuka IguchiHe is the fire department chief of the day.

One shot by three people side by side.

Three people handed over the certificate,Junichi SatoDirector and role of Mr. SakuradaYuuki TamutakeHe was watching with a warm gaze like a parent watching his child.

Incidentally, on the previous day, Mr. Yuuko Yamatake's one day appointment ceremony took place on the ship of Sanyo merchant ship 5, where it became "Tamayura Lapping Ferry", and received a certificate just like any other cast It was. Also, on board this announcement by Mr. Yamatake acting on the ship's announcement by Mr. Sakurada will also be played for a limited time.

Meanwhile, Takehara's town in those days is in a state that can be said to be a single color "Tamayura". First of all, the "Tamayura" poster stuck here and there.

There are some people in the "townscape conservation area" that keeps old-fashioned townscapes ... ...

"Tamayura Photo Exhibition" was held here in "Old Kasai House", and a lot of "Tamayura" fans were visited.

The shoes that I could not fit into the soil are placed on the eaves. Families with parents who seemed to be locals also seemed to be interested and went inside.

The staff of the photo exhibition is very carefully in touch with the visitors, regardless of whether it is a "Tamayura" purpose or not, for a person who enters one step into the house, distribute coasters of free distribution indiscriminately It was.

Round tickets for which a valuable old-fashioned entrance fee is somewhat advantageous were also released in the "Tamayura" version.

Here is a map full of handmade feeling. "Tamayura" goods selling place and the place which became a model etc are written.

One shop that a shop will teach the way kindly to the question that I do not know the place of the purpose.

The exhibition hall is on the second floor. It is the destination that I went up with a little steep wooden staircase.

When entering the hall, four deformed panels will welcome you at once.

Scenes under work are posted in the photo style.

A painting story was also unflatteringly exhibited.

As the theme was based on photographs, there were also corners of favorite photos taken by cast and staff, respectively.

The place is back to Takehara City Hall. After the ceremony ceremony is over, we will move to the mayor's office, and at the time we sit and talk with the mayor, the chief education chief, and the director of the fire department. "What do you think about Takehara's view of Takehara as well?" Asked by Mayor Kosaka Mayor Kosaka said, "I think that it is anime to grasp the minds of today's young people, and At the same time I thought that it was a work that enriches my dreams and enriched imagination. " "There are townscapes that will time slip in the Edo era, there are also seas, islands and mountains in Setouchi, and we are very pleased that we choose Takehara as the stage, and for the area's revitalization I would like to PR "Tamayura no Town / Takehara". "I also said.

In response to the question "How did you feel when you came to Takehara?", Takeda says that this is the first Hiroshima and the first Takehara. "I was born in Saitama and I was in Tokyo, but my feelings that I could not usually feel comfortably came warmly and I felt a really warm feeling.When I pass by the town of Takehara by car, I found a place that became the stage of the event, "I heard that it is a place where" Potoh "(the nickname of the protagonist Mr. Takehara acting as the nickname of Sawadori Kaede) seems to be about to fall?", Tamayura's world It made me feel like I was putting it in, I feel very happy. "

Next, Mr. Aegi. "I am the first time I came to Takehara, but I will go to places where it was also a few places, so it's as it is, so we first knew the scenery from animation and the scenery reality I am deeply moved by being in front of you, I am glad I thought I'd like to find more places and I felt it was a very warm town. "

Mr. Iguchi who has spoken a lot before and answers the question. "It was my first time that I came to Takehara for the first time, I found a photographer who became a model from the window of the car, I was excited that it really exists, and I wonder if it is sacred place pilgrimage or what? There are also a lot of people who came to. I am sure that everyone will be thrilled to visit Takehara with a feeling of excitement, I think that my heart will be returning with a little smile, I think that what is involved in "Tamayura" I thought I was very happy. "

Mr. Yi Mutsu said that it is the third time that he visits Takehara. "In making the work called" Tamayura ", I was accompanied when I was in the interview, but I felt that this is the landscape full of Japanese emotions as seen in movies etc. I myself talked about Okinawa Because I was born and the palm trees were rather familiar (lol) I went to Takehara a couple of weeks later to deepen my connection with my work, so I went around with a single person so , As a comment that came today, it is the feeling that I think that it is the opposite feeling to everyone, watching anime and saying "Oh, I know here!" I would like to introduce various spots to everyone who came to Takehara and see it "

Director Sato asked "What was the reason for making Tamayura set aside and what effect did you incorporate into animation?" "I hope there are landscapes that are paintings not only in animation but also in animation, such as townscapes, mountains, and the ocean, but there are plenty of them.The town itself wanted to make it a leading role, so Takehara It was a perfect place.I actually told the story of the town that everyone said they liked the city and I felt energy or energy as I really appreciate your warm welcome "Tamayura" "I answered.

"If you let the cover of the city's publicity magazine" Tamayura ", it will be lost everyday if you leave it in the lobby, there is so much effect," Mayor Kosaka speaks with a face. "Although it is a small town, yesterday, the hotel seems to be full, many people would like to come to Takehara to enter the world of Tamayura There are many social situations of the present day, but my heart I think that something necessary for healing is in "Tamayura · Takehara" and I think that the director took up the place, so keep in mind that "Tamayura" and Takehara for all the fans I think that you would be able to make a TV series for the director, "he told me the expectations for" Tamayura "all the time.

Mayor and Mayor Bamboo Mayor's two shot.

In the hope of Mr. Iguchi, "I would definitely want to wear it," realized the two-day fire station chief and fire chief's two-shot wearing the uniform in the spot.

I could hear the voice "It seems like a boys' school run of a male junior high school student" from nowhere.

The mayor of Mayor Bamboo sitting in the seat of the mayor, had a tremendously dignified atmosphere.

I will return to Takehara again.Hotel BaiyoenThere is a senior large panel. This was not originally prepared, but it is a special product that the hotel people made for "Tamayura no" day.

There are some distances from the preserved area of ​​the townscape, but some people also visited the panel.

There is a queue in another place.

It was a line of "Oyamusu" Original Okonomiyaki and Dessert Purpose intended to be offered until December at "Horikawa" which became a model of the Okonomiyaki restaurant who appeared in the process.

This is "Main event of Tamayura Day" Talk & music event It became a place to distribute ceremonial tickets "Bamboo music"

In the shop, various "souvenirs" of local specialties sticking "Tamayura" seal were sold in various ways. According to the shop guy, we also had free coaster distributors here, but it seems that 100 sheets were prepared in less than one hour and all gone. Although it was said that a row to buy a souvenir with a seal was also made, it was "It has finished smoothly, well with everyone's manners."

Along the brewery ceremony took place at the brewery exchange building "Tamayura sake" already sold out completely, it was impossible to worship that figure. It was impressive that the shop clerk here also welcomed "Tamayura" and its fans in the town, such as talking about the fact that the queue was made smartly.

I will also report the state of the talk & music event which is the main event of "Tamayura Day".

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A voice actor showed a handwritten illustration, "Tamayura's Day" talk & music event held at the temple of the temple wrapped in dusk Talk & music event - GIGAZINE

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