Tamayura healing anime set in Setouchi decided to TV animation

It was announced that the healing OVA "Tamayura" of a relaxed air feeling set in the calm town Hiroshima prefecture · Takehara city facing the Seto Inland Sea will be converted to TV animation. This work is in charge of the original, directed and series composition by Junichi Sato who worked on the "ARIA" series and "Kaleidostar", and the members of "ARIA" are gathering in the staff.

In October 2010, at Takehara-shi, the stage for this workAyana Taketa served as mayor one day "Tamayura's Day - Welcome to a warm town"It was showing excitement such as doing an event called "event" and doing many events in close cooperation with the area.

祝!たまゆらTVアニメ化決定!!<< たまゆらぶろぐ

The event OVA "Tamayura" set in Hiroshima prefecture · Takehara city will be converted into TV animation, the event "Tamayura" all day talk event held on the East Theater on January 22, 2011 It will be someday memorable It was announced in "I will go".

A visual that informs TV anime making, which is posted on the official website.

It seems that this same thing was posted in the event of Toza.

Tamayura TV animationized on 2 on Twitpic

The contents of the announcement on the official website are as follows.

Supported by a lot of people Tamayura Ai, I released OVA at the end of last year.
And, the voice of your heart, the voice of the heart of cast and staff,
All the voices of my heart arrived.
I am really happy what I can tell you on this occasion today.
Broadcasting time · Broadcasting station is still undecided,
Everyone, please pay attention to the official website here and the development of Tamayura in 2011.
Even Tamayura in 2011! So that will be delivered to you by all the staff, so please continue to support Tamayura in the future, thank you!

All the Tamayura Production Committee

Also, on the official websiteMr. Akana Taketa of Sawatari castle, Mr. Kanna Akousa Kaoru role, Mr. Yuka Iguchi of the role of Okazaki's role, and Ms. Yuko Yamanobu of Mr. Sakurada played together and a movie to convey the pleasure of making TV animationThere is no change in the main cast as it is made public, and it seems that the project is proceeding with the direct cast of OVA as it is.

Although it is said that the broadcasting time and the broadcasting station are undecided, there is a possibility that the possibility of seeing "Tamayura" on television during this year is not high because there is "Please pay attention to the development of Tamayura in 2011" Is not it.

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