Listen to school anime lovers? Radio program "Shibuya Animeland" decided broadcast

The radio program "Shibuya Anime Land" broadcasting on the theme of animation which is being broadcasted occasionally at NHK was decided. This time I will take up animation set on "Gakuen", and it seems to be able to enjoy reputed opening songs and ending songs.

As a matter of fact the work of future generations, aliens, superpowers, etc., mainly works by a single girl, works with the theme of beautiful sister relations called "Sul" set in girls' high school, works that teachers continue to despair alone Will it be flooded with requests?

Details are as follows.
Shibuya Anime Land

According to this page, it seems that the program "Shibuya Anime Land" will be broadcasted on NHK radio 1, with an animation theme on January 25 (Sunday) from 8: 05 to 9: 55.

This time I will take up animation set on "Gakuen" where various stories have been developed such as love affair, SF, and warm hearted system.

In addition to introducing several works that have been popular and popular in recent years, it tells the thought of guests and listeners who are interested in the work, and at the same time, it is supposed to enjoy the reputation opening songs and ending songs together.

In addition, as a guest voice actor who is appearing in "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Lucky Star", "Lucky Starry"Minoru ShiraishiAnd "Gakuen Youtubepia Manabi Straight!" Or "Negima!?" "Sayunoda Zetsubou Sensei"Nonaka AiIt is said that it will appear.

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