MTB downhill race movie going down stairs with a furious momentum

ByCarlos Caicedo

MTB ride is a movie of downhill race going down the stairs and the stairs all by myself momentum. This is the one of the race sponsored by Red Bull, and the camera is attached to the head of the bike ride in the forward direction, so the situation of the exciting race is transmitted.

RedBull Devotos de Monserrate 2012 por Marcelo Gutierrez-Awesome downhill round in Monserrate - YouTube

This was done at the Monserrat mountain in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, in 2012. You can see that the left side of the screen is outside Bogota city and the starting point is at a considerable height.


It is not just going down the slope ... ....

Course on the stairs.

I use the boardwalk that leads to the summit as a downhill course, but also part that is partly out of the sidewalk like this.

Although it is a stairway which seems to be quite difficult to walk down, I will run down and run down there.

Even if there is something, the relief team is also on standby as it seems all right. However, because the course is narrow, there is no space to evacuate.

There is a resting place on the way, but of course there is no time for resting during the race.

Continue down the stairs for about 4 minutes ......

The cheers are coming. It is finally the goal.

Finally a big jump!

It was held using this race, the harsh descents of the rest of the world, and it was held in Valparaiso, a port town in Chile in 2011.

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile valparaiso polc 2011 - YouTube

I am lowering my head at the starting point so I do not know what kind of course ......

Unlike the previous race in Colombia, when you start, there are no stairs orthodox downhill course.

However, it is not a wide roadway, but a narrow sidewalk is a course.

A dog suddenly appears on the course Happening

Avoid this brilliantly. The dog seems not to pass through at all.

There are jumping tables at the place in the course ......


There are places that seem to be only slopes, and where sidewalks are becoming stairs.

Whether the jump is still a showroom, many people are waiting below.

I do not understand where the course continues.

Again big jump

The last jump from the 2nd floor of the building, the goal is about to come

The last was a race held in Brazilian Favela (Brazilian slum). The nature of the course is completely different from the former two.

REDBULL downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela - YouTube

In this video, the cameraman also follows from behind, so it is easier to understand what kind of place you are running.

A small staircase continues ......

I wonder where to head next ... ...

Many fans cheer for me on the roadside, but the distance is very close.

Next we will curve down to the left and go down.

Course which goes through the gap of the building

The curve is steep anyway, and you can not see the destination at all.

Finally the goal

in JapanIshigomejaThe race was held at that time. Like Kobe and Nagasaki, it seems interesting to do it in a town with a slope.

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