Three cars withdrew from the race in the first corner, F1 world championship Italian GP result confusing


On 11th September, the F1 World Championship Italian Grand Prix was held at the Monza circuit in Italy.


As a result of qualifying, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull won the pole position for the third consecutive race. McLaren also showed high performance, Lewis Hamilton 2nd, Jenson Button 3rd placed. Also, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso who connects hope to the world champions started 4th. Kamui Kobayashi 's Kamui Kobayashi started from 17th place.

A rush battle took place as soon as the race started. Alonso took the lead after controlling Vettel in the first corner dive and Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) jumped up to fourth place as the baton failed to start.

On the other hand, Vintantonio Liuzzi (Hispania) was pushed out onto the turf with a straight line of battle and crashed in a way that slipped and thrust into the machine that passed the first corner. In addition to Liuzzi, Vitaliy Petrov (Renault) and Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) retired in addition to Liuzzi, Kamui Kobayashi, Rubens Barrichello (Williams), Sebastian Buemi (Toro Rosso) also suffered damage to the machine Especially. This accident resulted in the entry of a safety car.

Also, apart from this accident, Daniel Richard (Hispania) was unable to successfully start with a machine problem and was to return to the pit. In addition, Jerome D'Ambrosio noticed just before the race that he was losing the second gear of the machine At the end of the first lap, I returned the machine to the pit and retired.

Safety car withdrew on lap 3. At this point the rankings are Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher, Hamilton, Massa, Weber, Baton, Maldonado. After that, Webber lost the front wing by contact with Massa on the fifth lap and crashed in the subsequent corner and retired. Massa also drops its rankings a lot.

It was Alonso who took the lead at the start, but Vettel was faster and we decided to give him the lead on the fifth lap. With this in the beginning Vettel, Alonso in 2nd place, Schumacher, Hamilton, Baton, Maldonado, Perez, Massa, Diresta, Argue Elsri ant.

After Hamilton was quickly passed by Schumacher, the frustrating race continued that the difference could be compacted, but the overtaking was not reached, and finally the lace was overturned straight on lap 13, but it was pulled back soon. It is Hamilton who tried to overtake also on lap 16, but when I relaxed the accelerator because it came out on the turf, the momentary gap was touched by the baton and overtaken. Button surpassed Schumacher further to 3rd place. Hamilton will continue to get caught up in Schumacher after this and miss the opportunity to follow Vettel.

In the meantime, Sutil on lap 11, Kamui Kobayashi stopped the machine on lap 24, respectively.

Although the battle of Schumacher and Hamilton ran over more than 20 laps, as Schumacher's line taking was quite severe and there was not enough space to go along, the team feared of penalty repeatedly instructed Schumacher to open one car. Still it was Schumacher who skillfully kept Hamilton, but at the lap 27, Hamilton finally succeeded in overtaking Schumacher.

On the 33rd lap, Alonso was captured within 1 second and the 3rd baton, who was pursuing, was pitting in. However, this pit-in is shaped like a pit lane at the same time as Barrichello lagging behind the circumference, so that it gets delicate time loss. But Baton who returned to the course without feeling such a disadvantage passed Alonso on lap 36 and moved to second place.

The rankings are Vettel, Baton, Alonso, Hamilton, Schumacher, Massa and to the final stage. Hamilton chases Alonso and finally closes the difference to within 1 second in the final lap, but in the end it will not come out and it finishes in this order. Vettel adds 25 points to the driver's points to make it more robust.

The next race is Singapore GP to be held as a night race in two weeks.

Champion will be decided, Night race F1 world championship Singapore GP result

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